Character breed Irish Red Setter

The Irish Red Setter is an energetic, friendly, brave, rather independent dog. Get to know the character of this breed.

Hardly a setter is a good companion for those who love a relaxed lifestyle. Remember that the Irish Setter is first and foremost an active hunting dog that needs long walks, runs and games. These are very playful dogs that can be well educated in the event that you work hard on it. And, of course, the Irish setter, like all other hunting dogs, must certainly undergo a course of training - this will save you from problems with him during walks.

In the house, the Irish Setter is a good-natured dog that will welcome not only its owners, but also their guests. Irish setters are by nature not just intelligent, but intelligent dogs, very gentle and affectionate. Setter very much appreciates the location of his master, and therefore will do everything to not let down, not to disappoint you.

Since the setters are intellectual dogs, they prefer not stupid command execution, but equal communication. They are very sociable, get along well with children and other dogs.

Setters willingly constitute a company for their owners on travels, accompany them in the company of other people. They behave very calmly when traveling, both in the car and in public transport. This is not a dog that will pounce on people and bite them. But the setter has a flaw. He may try to snag something edible from your neighbors while relaxing in a public place. The reason for this is not some special "depravity" of the representatives of this breed, but a strong hunter's intuition.

Most dog breeds can be viewed as potential reliable guards. In the case of a setter, it would be ridiculous to place such hopes on the dog. These dogs are so kind that they simply do not know how a person can offend a dog or another person. That's why they are ready to kiss their potential adversary to death. All the surrounding, according to the setter - friends. This is what allows him to sleep peacefully in a cozy place at night, when the guard duty ought to be carried especially vigilantly. However, when the doorbell rings, the setters bark loudly and powerfully, so that a stranger will not be able to understand who is behind your door - a good setter or a serious, fearsome dog. That is the character of the Irish Setter.



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