Premium Dog Food, Premium Dog Food

Premium dog food is also called professional.

Initially, they were developed for dogs that work in special services, perform in shows and lead an active lifestyle, and therefore ideal nutrition is especially important for them. This category also includes feed for exhibition breeds of dogs performance and feed of the highest grade super-premium.

The main characteristics of premium dog food and their composition

The general feature of premium dog food is that the dog does not need any additional food besides them. Also, dog breeders know that when feeding an animal with poor-quality food, it will not only be passive, but may also get sick. For the manufacture of premium and super premium dog food, high quality products are used.. For example, meat is the main source of protein, not corn or soy, as in economy-class dog food.

Also premium dog food contains 22 amino acids necessary for the life of the animal and natural fats, giving additional energy. To prevent the accumulation of toxic substances in the body, manufacturers include premium antioxidants in feed: rosemary extract, vitamin C, etc.

The most popular brands and manufacturers of premium feed

Fodder first grade quickly satisfy hunger and well absorbed. Therefore, they are quite economical: the animal is saturated by eating a small portion of food. The most famous manufacturers of premium dog food: Royal Canin, Hills, Eukanuba, Belcando and others.

  • Royal Canin (Royal Canin) is a French dog food brand, which is made from the freshest and highest quality products, taking into account such parameters as the breed of dog, its age, degree of activity. In certain diseases and during the recovery period, veterinarians recommend diet food for puppies and adult dogs from Royal Canin.
  • Hills is a super premium dog food made from high-quality ingredients, having three types: for everyday feeding, for healthy animals with special needs, and a series of therapeutic food.
  • Under the Eukanuba brand (Eukanuba), dry food is produced for dogs of various breeds, as well as lactating bitches, puppies, dogs that are especially sensitive to food.
  • Belcando is a super premium dog food made from high quality natural ingredients. All raw materials for this feed are produced on German farms and are processed to preserve all the nutrients.


On average, premium class dog food costs from 200 to 400 rubles per kilogram. It depends on the specific brand and size of the package. The larger the packaging, the more profitable the purchase.



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