Caring for the Alaskan Malamute

Alaskan malamute Popular and as a show dog. Often wins in the group of "indoor and decorative dogs," because not many can compete with its beauty. To look better, a dog must undergo a thorough training.

It all starts with a swim. (The Alaskan Malamut likes to swim, especially in hot weather. He, of course, would like to choose the time and place himself, but sea (river) bathing is not very suitable for exhibition care. Having come after a walk with a bath, you need to wash the dog with clean water, t. to. salt adversely affects wool).

During washing, first use bleaching shampoos, diluted in strict accordance with the instructions. This shampoo is gently applied to the white areas of the coat, after which the dog is rinsed. Then apply a special shampoo for semi-long wool, which must also be properly divorced.

Attention! After washing, no trace of detergent should remain on the coat. After that you can start wiping. First, towels remove most of the water. Then gently step aside and ... let the dog "drench" you with the rain from the undrained wool (joke).

Before you start to dry with a hairdryer, you must apply a special conditioner, without which it is impossible to make a real styling. Drying the Alaskan Malamute with a hairdryer takes about an hour. In this case, the skill of the hairdresser is of great importance, because you can change the appearance of the dog, smoothing the undercoat where the wool should fit snugly to the body and combing it where it should look voluminous and entertaining.

Finish gloss! - white areas are powdered with starch to make them really snow-white, a special shine is applied to the rest of the wool. And the final touch is the application of “liquid silk”, which gives the wool an impressive shine!

The work, of course, is tedious, but isn't the charm and chic of your pet worth it ?! It should be noted that this is an approximate algorithm for caring for a dog preparing for the exhibition. In normal life, it is enough to have a high-quality wash with the appropriate shampoo / conditioner and, of course, combing. It goes without saying that the paw was clean after a walk.

Care for the Alaskan Malamute always rewarded with great satisfaction. After working on his appearance, you get an unusually beautiful dog. And having brought him up well, you will get an unmatched, very intelligent friend.

The fact that the Alaskan Malamut is able to think is noticeable already at a tender age. The dog's brain can methodically work on the current situation, and attentive owners notice it with surprise and admiration. And, although the Alaskan Malamute cannot solve the equation of the third degree, but in a dog environment the polar dogs are Einsteins. It is important to remember to have a reasonable justification in cases where dogs behave smarter than humans.



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