Akana dog food (Acana), reviews

Akana dog food (Acana) has been produced by Canadian Champion Petfoods since 1975.

All food of this company is of high quality and natural ingredients. In addition to grain products, they include real meat, chicken and fish products, as well as fresh eggs, cranberries and apples. All Akana dog food is steamed at a relatively low temperature (90 ° C). In its work, this company is guided by 5 main principles of healthy nutrition for animals:

  • the products used in the production of dry dog ​​food are fresh and varied, because dogs in nature eat only such ingredients;
  • Akana’s dry dog ​​food contains a huge amount of protein, which replaces animals with all kinds of meat used in the wild;
  • during development, growth and later life, dogs do not require carbohydrates, which, undoubtedly, should be taken into account by pet food manufacturers. Carbohydrates, splitting into glucose, cause obesity, diabetes, impaired heart function;
  • in the production of its products, the company adheres to the principle - at least 20% of natural vegetables and fruits in each feed. Feeding on dry food for dogs Akana (Acana), animals consume a complete composition of nutrients for a long and healthy life: fiber, minerals, vitamins. Algae, apples, currants, alfalfa, sunflower, potatoes are added to dog food;
  • All sources of useful and nutrients - vegetable, because cats and dogs, once in nature, are immediately taken to eat grass that is useful for the body. This happens at the instinct level, and Acana has taken this into account when developing feed. In the process of cooking psillium, chicory, nettle, milk thistle, burdock, sea buckthorn, peppermint, calendula flowers are added. Each of these ingredients has a positive effect on a separate organ.

Types of Akana dog food (Acana)

Products include several types of food for different ages and weight categories of dogs.

For puppies of different breeds:

  • Puppy Small Breed - specially created line of food for dogs of small breeds, (adult dog weighs up to 9 kg);
  • Puppy & Junior - dog food with a high content of meat (60%), fruits, vegetables, rice and oats (40%). Designed for dogs whose adult weight varies from 9 to 25 kg;
  • Puppy Large Breed - for puppies of large breeds (from 25 kg). Rich in proteins for better muscle building. There are no carbohydrates in the finished product to avoid obesity.
  • nutrition for pets of all breeds, combined formula; 2. This species combines food for adult dogs of various weight categories:
  • hypoallergenic diet for sensitive dogs;
  • food for small pets, whose weight does not exceed 9 kg;
  • food for an active life, a large amount of energy and good mood;
  • special balanced food for large breeds of dogs;
  • nutrition to reduce weight and regulate metabolism;
  • dog food "aged."

Reviews for Akana dog food (Acana)

We asked visitors to our site to leave feedback on Akan dog food. I must say that while we have not had a single negative feedback. Here are some of these reviews:

- Hello. I want to share my impressions about premium class feed for Akan dogs. I have two dogs in my house. Puppy of the Pomeranian Spitz and adult dachshund. Feedback on feed is only positive. Baby grows cheerful, hair shines. Some natural products cause him allergies, but there are no problems with Akana's feed. Taxa gave different dry dog ​​food, but not everything went smoothly. Allergies have gone to some of the food, the wool has faded, the skin has begun to peel off, and an unpleasant breath smell has appeared. I have been using Akana dry food for a year already and I am very pleased. I am not going to change to another.

- Feedback on Akan dog food from Baron Cane Corso kennel. Our little friends are very picky about food, but they love Acana food from the very first day. It's great that there is a special food for dogs Akana for puppies of large breeds. It is enriched with glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate, which is extremely important for the musculoskeletal system of such large breeds of dogs.

If you have used this feed, please leave your review about Akana feed by going to the section: “Add a comment.” Thereby you will help to make the right choice to visitors of our site.

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