Standard Alaskan Malamute

Standard Alaskan Malamute requires it to be a strong and serious dog.

When he stands firmly on his four paws, he must give the impression of an energetic and courageous dog with his head held high, with attentive eyes that express interest and curiosity.

Head The Alaskan Malamute is wide. Ears are triangular with a slight rounding at the ends, stand when the dog listens. Medium size, but small relative to the head.

The expression of the muzzle is self-nature. In bitches, this expression is even more affectionate.

Eyes located at an easy angle relative to the skull. Brown, almond-shaped, of medium size.

Skull wide and moderately rounded between the ears, gradually tapering. It flattens in the upper part, as it gets closer to the eyes, rounded to the cheeks.

Muzzle large and voluminous, relative to the size of the skull, should not be pointed and long, and not too wide.

Nose noticeable, but not conspicuous. The nose should be black, just like the lips and the edges of the eyelids. Only red dogs allow brown pigmentation.

Teeth. The scissors are closed with scissors.

Neck Alaskan Malamute strong and slightly arched.

Housing compact, but not short and not round.

Back straight. The loin is strong and muscular.

Tail covered with thick fluffy hair and bent to the back. It resembles a plume developing in the wind.

Front limbs Alaskan Malamutes form a strong backbone and musculature. If you look at the front - legs straight up to the metacarpus. The blades are slightly tilted.

Feet like snowmobiles - large, strong and wide, with arched toes and fleshy, thick developed pads.

Hind limbs - wide, with powerful muscles all over the thigh. The knees and joints of the ankle are quite flexible, the ankles at a good angle.

Move Allure - uniform, balanced and powerful. From the side it can be seen that the hind limbs make a strong push back, and the front - a light and decisive movement forward.

Hair Alaskan Malamute thick and coarse. It is never long and soft. The undercoat is dense, 2.5 to 5 cm tall, oily and fluffy.

Color The most common - gray wolf, gray seals, black and red. Always with white on the bottom of the case, on the paws and on the face. The characteristic coloring of the head consists of a “cap” covering the head. The muzzle may be all white or with a white mask, or with white glasses.

There are natural variations in growth in the breed. The most desirable is:

height 63.5 cm at the withers for a dog

58.5 cm - for bitches



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