Character and description of the Alaskan Malamute

Alaskan malamute by type it refers to Spitz or Laika, with strong wolfish features, because man only partially participated in the selection of his mental characteristics.

Eliminating aggressive features and, making these dogs good-natured and friendly, people did not touch his social hierarchical, instincts inherited from the wolf itself.

When a dog covers a bitch, he (in the wolf pack) is considered the most senior in position, dominant, only his able to breed. The so-called - male α (alpha). Therefore, he is convinced that all puppies in the pack are his children. An example is when there are dogs of different ages on the walk, much less puppies “malamoutiki”, an adult dog, even a dog, will not bully, moreover offend the kids.

He will quietly play with them (or without them), teaching his, only known to him, how to grow up and the ability to survive in the pack. And therefore he will condescendingly refer to the little tomboy, carrying his precious genetic heredity, not dividing into friends and foes. Although all patience has a limit ...

And why can puppies behave unceremoniously even with an adult dog? To do this, we must trace their development from the very moment of birth. Purebred little Malamutiki, as well as the rest of the dog kind, are blind and deaf, but have a good sense of it. True, the only smell that now accompanies and dominates them is the smell of mother.

It means “warmth, food, and life.” In a week, only the size of the babies will change, the vital needs are still eating and sleeping. Well, sometimes - tumble. And in a couple of weeks everything changes - puppies are already real dogs, or almost ... They can do a lot of new things. They see, hear, walk ... more or less ... (although at this age one should not go far from mothers and the flock).

Therefore, mother nature has laid the puppies with the information that everything that can be touched, to see, with which one can play during this period of their life, everything belongs to their species. Puppies receive this information in a period that scientists call the “first impressions period,” lasting from three to seven weeks of life. During this entire period a person must play puppies.

They should see him, touch him and play with him. The goal is to convince the puppies that they are the same as humans. If this does not happen, when the dogs grow up, they will have a choice known to the wolves - either you are a predator to be afraid of, or you are a game that you have to chase and eat, if possible. They will never be the tender companions of life and work, what people want to see them.

If you “return” to the playground where the dogs play, attention is paid to the behavior when the puppy pokes its muzzle into the stomach (and not only the mother). Pushing the muzzle is not a game and not a sign of love. This is not an attempt to find the nipples, here, by the way, skill is also necessary, but the unconscious demand for semi-digested food that puppies receive after the failure of milk.

So do (otrygivayut food) all wolves and many northern dogs. Or here is a tipping back. This is a sign of complete surrender and submission. Licking the muzzle is also a sign of respect. That is why the dog, in order to say hello, jumps to your face, tries to “kiss” - to lick. As you can see, it is not difficult to understand the language of dogs. Those breeds that are closer to the wolves - bark a little, and use more body language. Barking is a consequence of domestication. In nature, it is rarely heard, since wild animals try to make less noise. It is unreasonable to warn a potential victim about where the pack is. Usually, a member of the pack, once alone, begins to howl in order to explain how to connect with the others.

To live with a polar dog is almost like living with a wolf. Very affectionate and loyal (wolf) to such an extent that you can even trust him without the fear of children, but (!) With wolf understanding of social and hierarchical organization.

In order for dogs to respect and obey it is necessary to master the difficult art of the pack leader. This place cannot be taken by force, but only by firmness, consistency and devotion. This task is not easy, because the Alaskan Malamute is a very demanding dog. But if it becomes possible to become a leader, then a great satisfaction from an obedient, tireless companion, who is always attentively watching you, waiting for a command or approval of his behavior, will not be just a reward.

This is expressed in the fact that the dog, even without a leash, will obediently follow, run away at the first call, restraining his instinct when a game appears, limiting himself to what to watch and not to touch until special permission is given. With those who fail to become a good leader, the Alaskan Malamute will behave good-naturedly and sociable, but, without recognizing the authority of the host, will do whatever he pleases.

How does the Alaskan Malamute feel far from the eternal snows and ice, among which was born? The question is not idle, so it is time to seriously approach it. To begin with, I would like to say that Malamut's fur does not cause any trouble with increasing temperature, because it not only warms, but also has insulating properties. That is - protects the dog, both in the cold and in the heat.

The Alaskan Malamute suffers no more than the German Shepherd from heat and risks no less than, for example, Boxer (although his coat is short). Since the skin of the dog is well protected, the length of the coat has little effect on the health of the dog. The ability to cool the inhaled air as it passes through a long, wide and bulky nasopharynx is important.

Alaskan malamute perfectly suited for life in any latitude. Northern dogs can survive the polar cold due to the protective properties given by nature. But this does not mean that they (the cold) love and prefer them. Dogs that have to deal with ice cold all their life, it’s better to feel at moderate temperatures.

And her life will be longer and healthier, because she can make different use of the energy that was spent on protection from the cold. Lifespan Eskimo Malamute was 6-7 years old. Modern urban dogs live 10-12 years. Here it is, the fee, for the need to live at temperatures below zero.

A longer life does not mean a better life. The host should take care of this, remembering that Malamut is a smart, energetic working dog. If there is an opportunity, then you should teach the dog to walk in a harness - they love it, work in a team. They are born for this, which they do with joy.

If you live far from the snow, then the sleigh is completely optional. You can have fun, harnessed them in a cart or, even, in a simple bike. If you are far from an active sport, then do not worry, there are lots of ways to make your Malamute one or in the company, for an expenditure of its energy - you will find the for your pet.

Alaskan Malamut loves to be with a man whom he considers the same as he. And that also loves to play. But, as an animal adapted to a flock, he also adores the society of his relatives. If you have a male, then, like all males from all over the world, he would prefer a society of the opposite sex.

Alaskan Malamute peace-loving animal, does not climb into fights. Moreover, he loves people so much that even when walking with another dog, he prefers to express his feelings to his master. On the other hand, if anyone provokes a polar dog, then it will be difficult to keep him. Therefore it is better not to risk in vain. Quite differently, everything happens in dogs living in a group, in a pack - because they understand it that way. When the hierarchy is established and respected, even heterosexual dogs in the pack get along well and play with each other. Moreover, the members of the canine community help each other.

Alaskan Malamute - half dog, half-wave, simple and cunning, playful and gentle - the dog is not for everyone. And not only because there are people who will ask "Why do we need such a dog if you are not going to harness it in a sleigh?" Unhappy people ... They do not understand what it means to have a piece of primordial nature next to you. They do not know what it means to look into the eyes of a dog and feel how it takes you to the endless icy expanses of solitude and tranquility. Explain useless. Who does not know, he does not understand. But who loves Malamute - it just knows. It feels the spirit of the wolf.

Therefore, the one who has this “not just a dog”, he has a brother.



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