Dog Food Brit (Brit) - hypoallergenic formula from the Czech manufacturer

Brit Dog Food is manufactured by Brit Pet Food, Czech Republic.

The specificity of the rations of this brand lies in the high content of ingredients that strengthen the immune system of the animal and prevent the negative impact of the harmful environment.

Under the Brit brand, the company produces premium and super premium dry dog ​​food, as well as canned food. At the same time, three main areas of food production were implemented, intended for different age of dogs: puppies, adult dogs and aging ones.

In turn, food for each age differs in purpose for different breeds of dogs in accordance with their sizes: for small, medium and large breeds.

The hypoallergenic formula of puppy food of all breeds is also recommended for feeding pregnant and lactating dogs. The complex content of nutrients in this type of food especially strengthens bones, cartilage and teeth.

The composition of this feed includes lamb meat, salmon, rice, bird fat, salmon oil, dried beet chips, egg powder, brewer's yeast, yucca extract, dried apples, folic acid, minerals, vitamin A, D3 and E and other useful substances.

The composition of food for dogs Brit (Brit)

The formula of food for adult dogs with a high content of proteins and fats takes into account the special activity of animals, as well as the possibility of feeding them not only healthy, but also convalescent dogs. Brit Dog Food is especially recommended for animals with high energy costs: hunting, rescuers, and dogs undergoing difficult training. The high content of proteins and amino acids provides high protein digestibility for muscle tissue. Mannano-oligosaccharides reduce the development of pathogenic microflora in the intestines and maintain the good condition of the digestive tract. The high content of vitamin E protects the body from premature aging.

Brit's high quality feed for older dogs is balanced in a special way, with an emphasis on easy digestibility. It is enriched with vitamin E and organic selenium to slow the aging process. A balanced ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids protects the circulatory system from cholesterol. The optimal ratio of proteins and fats contributes to weight loss, providing optimal energy expenditure of the organism of dogs with reduced activity.

All Brit Dog Foods (Brit) contain such unique nutrients as chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine sulfate, a balanced ratio of calcium and phosphorus. They are naturally found in cartilage and support the joints of the animal.

Not included in the composition of dog food from the Czech manufacturer: beef, pork and soybeans are poorly digestible sources of protein, which overload the intestinal tract and can cause allergic reactions. Also in the dog food for dogs, genetically modified organisms and artificial ingredients are excluded.

Brit Dog Food Reviews

We asked visitors to our site to leave their reviews about Brit dog food. Here is what some of them write:

Review №1

Not so long ago, I came across a dry Brit dog food at a local store. To be honest, first of all, a lower price attracted than those of more well-known brands, and the quality of the packaging was on the level. I looked at the composition and decided to buy. We have been using for more than six months. My favorite (golden retriever) eats it with pleasure, no allergic reactions are observed. I was interested in the opinion of other dog lovers - only positive impressions.

Irina (Ekaterinburg).

Review number 2

My Irma (English Cocker Spaniel) eats him as much as his ears crack. The advantages of food can be attributed to the fact that he does not have a nasty smell, but on the contrary smells like meat. I think it’s important that Brit food is produced abroad. Still, the brands that are produced in Russia, all there pedigri, royal canin, in my opinion, of dubious quality. Even in our case, we noticed that the wool stopped crawling much less, otherwise there was simply no salvation. For me, Brit dog food is the best value for money.

Alexey, Moscow

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