Dachshund Field Tests

Field tests in an artificial hole. The first official testing of dachshunds in an artificial hole was conducted by the German Hunting Club in 1881. Nora, designed for testing, had a central hub, from which five corridors of different lengths emerged.

In the hole were boilers (extensions), dead ends, sharp turns, height difference, steep ascents and descents.

Hinged covers were provided so that you can get access to the hole from above. In 1991, a new design appeared - a hole with zigzag corridors and four boilers, as well as one dead end. Its disadvantage was that such a hole gave too much advantage to the beast.

Very complex burrows, imitating the natural conditions to the maximum and accommodating the most diverse types of soil and obstacles, were used by the Association of German Hunting Dachshund Clubs. Later, different types of artificial holes were tested, the designers of which tried to achieve full identification of the dachshund's abilities and test its work. Currently, a G8-type hole is used for field trials in Russia and Ukraine.

It consists of two rings, larger and smaller diameter. The circumference of the smaller ring should be at least 15 m., And the larger one should be at least 30 m. The rings are connected with a small jumper pipe. In the place of pairing on a large ring is the control boiler. In front, it is taken away by a grille, which makes it possible to follow the progress of the beast and the dog. On the smaller ring at the mating point is the nodal cauldron. In it, the fox is closed, blocking the exits with gates (partitions), releasing them as soon as the dog approaches the beast. On the big ring there are areas with ascents and descents, on it is the entrance to the hole, through which the dog is started.

The following qualities of a dog are checked and evaluated by the dachshund: the search and pursuit of the beast; loyalty, malice, viscosity. The search is judged by how quickly the dog finds the fox in the burrow.

Pursuit - by assertiveness and energy, with which the dachshund chases the fox in the hole, forcing it to leave.

The fidelity of the tax is determined based on the number of errors per number of rounds of pursuit. If the dog passes them correctly or one error falls on at least five laps, he will receive the highest score. Errors are: idle dog aisles around the ring (except the first); each pass around the ring without a fox; transition to oncoming traffic.

The evilness of the dachshund is assessed by the way the dog goes into the hole, how it overcomes the active resistance of the beast, how it attacks the fox. The highest score is given for contact with the beast and barking at a distance of no more than 25 cm. from the fox.

The viscosity of the dachshund is perseverance, the continuity of work in the burrow from the start up to the forcing of the beast or a dead grip. The dog should not interrupt the pursuit, get out of the hole, stop and hang far from the beast.

Field tests of the tax on a fox in an artificial hole can be carried out at any time of the year. Use of an animal not younger than 8 months, active, mobile, with intact extremities and teeth. Before starting the dog, the fox is closed in a nodal cauldron. As soon as the dog discovers the beast and approaches the boiler, both gate valves closing the outlets from the boiler to the large and small rings are removed and the entrance to the boiler from the side of the large ring is opened for the dog.

Work in the hole lasts 15-20 minutes, of which 10 minutes are given for checking the search and pursuit. The pursuit should take 8-15 passes through the rings, of which at least 4 should go through the big ring. Malice checked in a large pot. If the dog showed enough anger for 10 minutes, but the pursuit and viscosity remained unchecked, the dog is removed and a bypass is made (repeated message of the dog). Allowed no more than 2 bypasses.

Sometimes dogs do not pursue a beast in a hole, but work with dead grasps. In this case, it is necessary to make 2 bypass for the final verification of the prosecution.

If, after a ten-minute check of anger at a dead end, the dog took the beast with a death grip, the test is stopped. The same is done if the dog has made at least 7 exchanges (exchange of places for the dog and the beast in the hole)

Maximum points in points on field tests in an artificial hole (search and prosecution)

  • Speed ​​- 20
  • Loyalty - 10
  • Malice - 30
  • Voice - 5
  • Obedience - 5

The maximum amount of points - 100

The maximum score for speed is given if the average speed at which the dog moves in the hole is at least 2 m / s. With a decrease in speed for every 0.1 m / s, they take 1-2 points.

When assessing anger, the highest score is given for a deadly grip in the place (grip on the throat, cheek, ear, neck) no later than 2 minutes after the start of the test. As time increases, the score decreases. A mistake is also considered to be a misalignment, throwing at a beast without a grasp, barking from a distance of more than 25 cm.

The maximum score for viscosity dachshund receives, if it works hard, continuously during the entire time of testing. Errors are the entrance to the hole with a delay, the cessation of work and access to the viewing window, a delay or refusal to resume work after a stop, a decrease in endurance, the entrance to the hole only after the active influence of the host or attendant.

The score for the voice decreases if it is hoarse, muffled, weak. A gross mistake is to work without giving voice. The mark for obedience decreases if there is a fuzzy, delayed execution of commands or a refusal to execute a command. For dachshunds, obedience testing is very simple: the dog must approach the owner with a gesture or with a weak whistle and be able to walk beside the leash.

To obtain a diploma of 2 degrees, you must score at least 70 points, including: for the search - 21, for loyalty - 3, for anger - 20 and for viscosity - 25.

For a diploma of 3 degrees, it is enough to score 60 points, including: for the search - 17, for loyalty - 3, for anger - 17 and for viscosity - 22 points.



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