Bosch dog food (Bosh) strengthens dog's immunity

Bosch dog food (Bosch) is one of the most popular European foods of German origin of the superpremium class.

It has been produced by the Bosch Tiernarung family-owned business for over 40 years.

Feed Bosh is designed for feeding dogs of all breeds, weight categories and ages. It is useful for pregnant and lactating dogs, as well as for a restorative diet after surgery. After a month of feeding the dog with this feed, positive results are seen as wool, it becomes more silky and sheds much less.

As in any superpremium dog food, in the dry Bosch dog food there are no chemical preservatives, cheap fillers, flavorings, dyes and soy protein. Food consists only of natural products that are beneficial to the dog's body.

For urban dogs of all breeds with medium activity, several specific menus have been developed: “fish with potatoes”, “lamb with rice”, “bird with spelled”. This provides a variety of food in the dog and the flow in its body of a variety of useful substances. In such a dog food the optimal content of proteins and fats is selected, which allows you to maintain a normal weight of the animal.

The "highlight" of the Bosch dry dog ​​food is such an ingredient as spelled. It is a semi-wild wheat variety, which is characterized by a high content of unsaturated fatty acids, proteins and fiber, as well as special soluble carbohydrates that strengthen the immune system.

There is also a particularly nutritious food for dogs Bosh (Bosch), specially prepared for dogs with high activity: service, hunting, search, sports.

Separate types of food are intended for puppies, for adult dogs prone to corpulence or food allergies, separately for small, medium and large breeds of dogs.

There are special delicacies in the form of biscuits and cakes, which will help the training of the dog and at the same time do not make her stomach between feedings, and at the same time strengthen the gums and prevent the formation of tartar in your pet.



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