Miniature dachshunds, dwarf dachshund, rabbit dachshund

Miniature dachshunds - dwarf dachshund and rabbit dachshund. It is unusual to see the definition of "miniature" next to the name of the breed, not differing in large size. But, nevertheless, among the taxes there are, in addition to the standard, dogs of smaller dimensions.

The modern standard includes three types of dachshunds in size: large, dwarf and rabbit.

Dwarf dachshunds at the age of 15 months should have a chest circumference of no more than 35 cm, and rabbit dachshunds - no more than 30 cm. The weight of a large tax is not more than 9 kg. (in males), and miniature varieties weigh: males - no more than 4 kg. females - no more than 3.5 kg. The German standard, followed by the international standard FCI, does not use a parameter such as height at withers when assessing dachshunds of different sizes.

Small dachshunds have long been tried to work in rabbit holes, so small that even a normal dachshund will get stuck there like a cork in a bottle. There is a mention of tiny dachshunds in some sources dating back to the 19th century.

Mutations that lead to the dwarfism of offspring are frequent in all animals, and attentive people have long tried to consolidate miniature sizes in dachshunds. But it is not easy, since small dogs give birth to fewer puppies, giving birth to them is more difficult, and breeding is not easy. The hardest thing to calculate the size, health and performance of the dog.

At the end of the 19th century, the breeding of rabbit dachshunds went in two directions: the crossing of standard-size dachshunds with a miniature pinscher and the selection of producers from litters of standard dachshunds by size.

The first direction was quickly recognized as unpromising, as not only the type was lost (the pinschers passed light bones and high legs), but also working qualities. But the second gave positive results, although after many years of very serious work and high costs. In 1905, the Rabbit Fans Club was established in Germany.

At present, miniature dachshunds are more in demand as decorative dogs. They are few in the world and few in Russia and Ukraine. They are more popular in the Baltic countries, where good breeding material is imported. However, like all species obtained through the use and consolidation of a trait non-intrinsic to an animal in natural conditions, miniature (rabbit) dachshunds have many health problems and with the preservation of the breed type. They do not have a rich, strong bones, and, as a result, there is no powerful developed musculature inherent in the normal tax - the muscles have nothing to "carry".

Rabbit dachshunds lose their beautiful elegant head with a flat forehead and barely noticeable foot. They have the shape of the head close to the type of Chihuahua - the forehead becomes more convex, the foot is noticeable due to a sharp transition from the forehead to the muzzle.



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