Dachshund care

Caring for a dachshund and maintaining a dachshund in good shape requires little effort, provided that the dog is physically and mentally healthy and has no hereditary diseases.

They are fed high-calorie and nutritious food, balanced in protein, fat and carbohydrates, provide daily intake of minerals and vitamins in her body. What to feed - canned, dry food or natural products - decides the owner.

Many kennels feed the dachshund with a mixture of canned and dry dog ​​food. Food should be fresh, benign, contain the necessary substances. It is very important not to overfeed the dog. Dachshunds love to eat, and in the period when the load is reduced, they quickly gain weight.

Overweight for them is dangerous not only the threat of obesity and loss of working condition, but also exerts an additional load on the spine, which is fraught with serious diseases. On average, an adult fee should be 40g. feed per kilogram of weight per day. During the hunting season and during field trials and trainings, the dog is fed more abundantly, but they try to increase the number of calories not at the expense of the amount of food, but at the expense of more nutritious foods and foods.

Annual maintenance of the dachshund is reduced to keeping the coat, eyes and ears clean.. Smooth-haired dachshunds do not need to be combed. It is enough to brush them with a short natural bristle and to wipe with a piece of soft suede or fleecy fabric. Hard-haired dachshunds are combed daily with a special comb with sparse teeth, and trimmed at least twice a year to remove dead hair.

It is better if trimming will be done by a specialist. Long-haired dachshunds also need to be combed daily. At the same time, they make sure that the hair on ears, abdomen, paws, tail is not tangled; after each walk or hunt, they examine the wool, remove dirt, vegetable debris, which are clogged in the wool. It is necessary to wash a dog in process of pollution with warm water without detergents. Twice a year, you can wash the dachshund with special zoo shampoos.

Every day, with a moistened cotton swab, the dog corners of the eye are wiped, once a week they are cleaned with a cotton swab, and their teeth - with a special brush.

In wire-haired and long-haired dachshunds, often during defecation, the hair around the anus gets dirty. It needs to be washed with warm water and thoroughly dried.



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