Youth Bulmastif

Only when the puppy enters this age, can we say that maturation of the dog breed Bullmastiff starts to go at full speed.

Of course, the puppy continues to be a puppy, but at about ten to eleven months it’s generally the ugliest duckling that can be: tall, thin, and ungainly. But in mental development and physiological maturation he begins to make great progress. The puppy no longer makes obvious misses either at home or on the street. He completely figured out the hierarchy of your family and took his place in it.

He has ceased to run off to the side or freeze in place when another dog barks at him, and now he is even beginning to look intently at him with interest. So now you will need more tact and understanding to help him overcome all the difficulties of the so-called transitional age. And the difficulties will be enough. For example, there will be a desire to slightly change the existing "status quo" and skip a few steps in the hierarchical ladder of your family, where everyone will remain below, except for him and the main owner.

And he will make these attempts regularly and resolutely. It can be expressed in different ways. For example, your dog suddenly suddenly ceases to listen to everyone except you (the main owner). Or during the game with your family members will begin to show hidden aggression, snap. It must be immediately put in its place! Family, the owners - this is holy! And any attempts to become more important than your family members should be stopped immediately.

In addition, the puppy will begin to try to "sort out" with some dogs that had offended him before (barked or even attacked). This striving, although quite natural, is worth holding back somewhat, otherwise you will not escape problems in the future. An adult bullmastiff is a very serious opponent for any dog, and if it’s still too aggressive, this is very, very problematic. Unfortunately, it must be stated that the treatment of dogs is not free or at least a cheap pleasure. Especially the treatment of other dogs. You understand, of course, how unpleasant emotions all this causes. This, too, must be borne in mind.

Representatives of the breed Bullmastiff in the majority are characterized by increased aggressiveness.

Speaking about puppy feeding, I would like to note that during this period the dog continues to grow actively, and its need for food is constantly increasing. And in vitamins too. To its height, the bullmastiff grows up to one and a half to two years old, and develops to a width of at least two and a half or even three years. So finally the animal is formed after two and a half years. And yet the dog should not be overfed. Of course, everyone heard the usual expression that "a puppy should be fat." This is only partly true. As mentioned above, the dogs of this breed themselves have significant weight, and if fat deposits are added to their own weight, it will be possible to avoid the scale.

At this age, walking mode can be described in one word - maximum. The more you can afford to pay attention to dog walking, the better. And moreover - in any weather and at any distance. But again, do not make it run without measure. Let him go for a long time. Very well, if you manage to interest the dog swimming in open water. The more a dog swims, the better. Swimming is useful not only to us, people. River, sea, lake, pool - it does not matter. If you swim with the dog, try to swim separately from it to avoid unnecessary pampering, which can lead to tragic consequences.

Training of bullmastiff should be continued throughout the dog's life. Known in the past Kiev trainer LA Alexandrov said: "The dog needs to be trained for the first fifteen years, and then she somehow herself ...". This is in a certain sense correct. Never again repeat the already known and learn something new.

In general, working with a dog will be enough. However, if you want to continue to be proud of your dog, then do not take the time, effort and patience.



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