Happy Dog Food - Happy Dog Nutrition Formula

Dog food Happy Dog (Happy Dog) produces the German company Interquell. This brand of dog food on the international market has been known for over forty years.

The manufacturing company has its own research center, in which specialists are constantly working to improve the feed and develop all its new varieties.

In the production of dog food Happy Dog used selected meat and fish, the best vegetables and greens. Therefore, this product refers to the quality level superpremium.

The variety of menu feed Happy Dog is simply amazing. In addition to the classic menu with the main ingredients: lamb meat with rice, the company offers more original and rare combinations of main products (cereals and vegetables) and various types of meat: veal, rabbit, turkey, duck, horse meat, salmon, heart or animal liver.

And even a unique hypoallergenic dog food with a base in the form of potatoes with ostrich meat. Such a variety of menus allows you to choose the perfect food for each dog.

In addition, Happy Dog is composed of a complex of biologically active substances developed by the company that improve the metabolic processes in the body of dogs and contribute to the normalization of their digestion. The high content of high-quality meat in the feed provides the predator's body with the necessary amount of protein and fat.

Special species provide the most correct perception of food by the body of dogs in different periods of their life. There is food for nursing and whelping "girls", for allergic dogs, for puppies and elderly animals, with the addition of a special vitamin-mineral complex for working, sport and hunting dogs.

You can choose special food for dogs with sensitive skin or problems of the musculoskeletal system.

The concept of making dog food Happy Dog is reduced to the maximum compliance of the energy level of food to the conditions of life of modern domestic animals. The level of digestibility of feed approaches 90%, which means that the daily dose of its consumption can be significantly reduced and, thus, save on costs.

Comments on Happy Dog Food

Our readers sent us a few reviews on Happy dog ​​dry food for dogs. We present them to your attention:

Review on the feed Happy Dog №1

- In my opinion, the prices for Happy dog ​​food are too high and do not match the quality. The feed class Supreme fit perfectly, but because of the high price had to be abandoned. Feed Happy Mei medium class dog (also not cheap) turned out to be much worse. A dandruff appeared in the Labrador, and a mitt-schnauzer (he constantly participates in exhibitions at my place) started losing the wool inherent in it.

Ivan, Moscow

Review on the feed Happy Dog №2

- In the nursery, where I acquired my York, Heppen Dog has been using for more than two years. All dogs look great. True, my doggy dry food eats badly, but the wet one bursts bursting right behind the ears (a novelty from the Culinary Journey). As for the price, I have the opportunity to buy Happy Dog food for the price of nurseries, which in my opinion is quite acceptable - 20 kg. - 1700 rubles.

Evgenia, Kiev



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