Development and training of puppy bullmastiff

Walking the puppy during this period begins to become an increasingly important part of his growing up. The puppy has certainly felt the taste for walks and realized that it was much more interesting outside than at home. Using this circumstance, it is very easy to teach a puppy to a collar and leash. There is such an opinion that before four months there is no real need for this.

You just need to put on all this harness just before going for a walk, and the puppy will immediately treat these things as friends. He himself will carry them to you when he is already unbearable and will urgently need to go for a walk. Walk now need more. Do not deny yourself long walks. But you need to closely monitor the puppy, and as soon as you see that he is tired - immediately stop. Take a rest.

The puppy will develop muscles more actively, will be more confident of movement, he will become less afraid of unexpected noises (such as a sharp squeal of brakes), will become stronger and more enduring. In no case do not force the bullmastiff puppy to run a lot. He will run himself as much as he needs. A greyhound puppy, for example, likes to run after bicycles, and with a bullmastiff everything is different.

As it was noted more than once, the bullmastiff is a big and heavy dog. The puppy joints of the bullmastiff at a young age cannot yet withstand a heavy load. Otherwise, they will begin to deform, a size will appear, and any owner will be alarmed that his dog lacks calcium. Many in this case make a common mistake - they begin to feed the puppy with calcium, which, in turn, cements the deformation of the joints that has begun forever.

Methods of dealing with the onset of deformation are completely different. This is a sharp reduction in walking time, which will reduce the load on the joints. This is a daily bandaging of damaged joints. This is a reduction in diet to a minimum. This is an enhanced feeding of vitamins (but not growth vitamins!), Etc. In any case, all your actions regarding the health of the dog must be coordinated with the veterinarian.

Training puppy bullmastiff

At the age of eight months, a puppy of bullmastiff can begin to be led to a training ground. Or engage with the trainer individually. You can, of course, give the dog to be raised by an experienced trainer, but in this case, the dog will certainly obey him in the first place, but not you. You will - alas - in her perception in second place among those whose teams should be followed.

Given the fact that the puppies of the Bullmastiff are somewhat stubborn and also somewhat touchy, then you should work with them carefully, evenly, calmly and consistently. They are very intelligent, and it does not take much effort to teach them anything. But you need to start, of course, with the basics. Only obedience course. In no case be in a hurry to make of this large, but still child, beast.

You can not start to develop malice in a puppy ahead of time. These exercises bullmastiff can be taught no earlier than one and a half years. Maybe later. A playground is not a home entertainment like the Sit! Command. or "Give me a paw!" This is quite a serious job, and it will not be very easy for a puppy to get used to it. But having become accustomed, he himself will ask there.

It should be noted that nine months is one of the most critical moments in a puppy's life. It is during this period that the reorganization of the dog's body begins, the immunity is weakened, various troubles and problems, diseases are possible. Be extremely careful and attentive to the dog. Better reinsure a hundred times, but take care of the puppy, because during this period it will be much more difficult to suffer the disease.



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