How to help a sick dog

When a person gets sick, he can explain where he has a pain and how he feels. In the case when the dog is sick, the owner should know on what grounds to determine what is wrong with the animal. Dogs are viable animals, but they can get sick and be injured.

Prevention is always better than cure. Therefore, we remind you: take care of vaccinations for the first six months of a puppy's life.

The dog does not eat, it has vomiting, refusal of water, purulent discharge from the nose and eyes can be symptoms of non-infectious for humans, but the most dangerous diseases for dogs are plague of carnivores, hepatitis in dogs and parvovirus enteritis. The same symptoms in combination with the yellow color of the eyes are characteristic of leptospirosis (Weil's disease), which your dog can get from rats.

These diseases are poorly treatable, are fraught with serious complications, require early assistance of a veterinarian. In anticipation of his dog can be arranged in a darkened calm place, not to give something fat, to drink warm water and honey (one teaspoon and a half cups of milk).

Rabies in dogs is a terrible viral disease. Both animals and humans are subject to it. Dogs are infected by the bites of other dogs, rats, foxes. To cure an animal from this disease is impossible. In this disease, you need to put a dog to sleep. The virus is transmitted through contact with the saliva of a sick animal, which dies a painful death. Symptoms can be different: from the "lush" form, when the dog rushes to all living and nonliving, to "quiet", in which the dog is depressed, lethargic, saliva flows from the mouth, as if a bone is stuck in the throat, swallowing is hampered by cramps. Please note: sometimes with rabies a dog may drink water as usual, there is no hydrophobia. Rabies vaccination must be done every year.

When working in the house, in the garden and in the garden, you often use chemicals, such as poison from rodents. Do not forget to follow the instructions for their use, in this case there are no trifles. If your pet accidentally swallows any substance, cause vomiting in it - for this you can use a small solution of baking soda, salt or mustard. After that, you can press your finger on the root of the tongue.

After an accident, such as severe bleeding, the dog may have shock. In mild cases, when there are no other means at hand, a small dose of brandy will help. But remember, it is necessary to pour it into the dog’s mouth very carefully, it can choke and die.

What to do if the dog is lame? Check for paws and fingers, glass, splinters or spikes. Carefully remove them with tweezers.

Regularly examine the eyes of the dog - whether there is corneal opacity or inflammation. In acute inflammation, the eyes usually water. They should be washed with tea or a weak solution of boric acid.

The dog "complains" on the ear: shakes his head, it is hot, red. Pipette 2-3 drops of a boric acid alcohol solution into your ear.

In dogs, as in humans, sometimes an upset stomach occurs. For such cases, your home pharmacy should be potassium permanganate (add 2-3 crystals to the water). It is best to let your pet take a walk in a field or in the forest, he will find a cure for himself.

All animals are bothered by parasites - fleas, worms, ticks (read the article on this topic: "Fleas in dogs"). To protect against them, the place for the dog in the yard should be constantly cleaned; the litter will be replaced with fresh one at least once a month. Puppy 3 times a year, give special medication. It is better to take medicines, according to reviews of veterinarians.

After reading these tips, someone can and give up, and someone will stock up with special medicines, and will be more likely to monitor the well-being of his best friend.



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