Dry food for dogs Meal - an economical alternative to expensive food

Dog food "Trapeza" is produced in modern Russian-Danish production in the Tver region.

The high-tech line allows to produce dry dog ​​food based on high-quality meat products while preserving the usefulness of fresh meat.

Food "Meal" from inexpensive feed, but it does not contain flavorings, colors and flavors. Food Meal is created from high-quality meat products in accordance with the best achievements in the field of pet nutrition.

But unlike premium class dog food, they have a rather low content of nutrients and nutrients and, therefore, additional supplementation of vitamins and minerals is necessary to feed.

Dog Food "Trapeza" has several lines, developed depending on the needs of dogs with different lifestyles.

The line "Meal-Optimal" is designed to protect the health of urban dogs. It helps to support the nervous system of animals, strengthen the immune system and the cardiovascular system, improve metabolism.

"Trapeza-Bio" is intended for domestic adult dogs with normal activity. The source of high-quality protein in it is the meat of rabbits and broiler chickens. Food is enriched with vitamins A, E and group B, and the optimal ratio of phosphorus and calcium strengthens teeth and bones.

Food "Trapeza-Maxi" was created for adult dogs of large and giant breeds. His task is to compensate for the energy consumption of the body of a large dog, but to prevent its weight gain. For this purpose, a complex of antioxidants is used, which strengthens the immune system and protects the cardiovascular system.

"Meal-Yuni" - complete feed for puppies up to 6 months. Seafood and beef bone extract are added to it for the proportional development of puppy muscles and bones, and fatty acids protect the baby’s immunity. The special structure of the feed pellets simplifies their soaking. This makes it easy to teach your puppy to solid food.

"Meal-Bio-Balance" is enriched with vitamins C and E and unsaturated fatty acids, which slow down the aging process of adult dogs. The optimal level of fiber ensures good functioning of the stomach and the balance of intestinal microflora. To support the heart in the feed increased potassium content.

Reviews of dry dog ​​food Meal

Sometimes letters come to our site where dog lovers share their impressions of using this or that food. We publish some of these reviews:

Review №1

Selection of dry food for my pet (Labrador Retriever) was not easy. During this lengthy process, Russian food under the brand name “Meal” caught our eye. How could I put it mildly about him? The price matches the quality. And what can be the quality, if the 15 kilogram bag at retail, with store wrapping costs 700 rubles? And its cost is probably cheaper than 500 rubles.

I got the impression that most of the meal in the dog food Meal is the waste of the paper industry mixed with incomprehensible cereal. My favorite, who has excellent digestion, could not come to himself for a couple of days after eating this diet. He didn’t even look at him the second time. I want to warn all dog breeders. Bypass this feed. It’s like you’ll feed your children with Leys and Coca-Cola chips and think that it’s extremely useful.

Ksenia, Moscow

If you use or have used this feed, please leave your feedback by going to the “Leave a comment” section. Perhaps, thanks to your opinion, you will help to make the right choice to other dog owners. Read other feed brands here.



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