Hypoallergenic dog food - diet food for animals

Hypoallergenic dog food - food for animals that suffer from allergies.

In dogs, as in humans, in recent years, allergies have become an increasingly frequent occurrence. Animals of any age and breed are subject to it. This is due to poor environmental conditions and poor nutrition, poor diet and inadequate hardening of the immune system.

But most often with the help of an allergic reaction, the dog's body shows an attitude towards a certain food product. Therefore, an important part of the treatment of allergies is precisely the exclusion from the diet of the product that causes allergies and its replacement with other, safe products and hypoallergenic dry food.

In addition, despite the individual reaction of an allergy to a product, there are products to which the dog’s body is more likely to react with allergies, and there are less allergenic. Most allergic to dogs are: large amounts of protein in food, oily fish, oatmeal, bananas, apricots, brewer's yeast, honey, tropical fruits. Also, the reaction can cause dry food, which includes such products or other components, including dyes and flavors.

Therefore, hypoallergenic dog food does not contain artificial additives and dyes and is made from the highest quality products. In addition, manufacturers often exclude from the composition of hypoallergenic feed: chicken and turkey meat, beef, wheat, corn, soy.

As a rule, the composition of hypoallergenic dog food includes: lamb meat, ducks, rice, salmon, pike perch, pike, vegetables, apples, herbs. Also, these foods are additionally enriched with probiotics and natural inulin, support the balance of fatty acids.

The most famous manufacturers of hypoallergenic dog food manufacturers

Of the manufacturers of hypoallergenic feed, the best companies have proven themselves: Biofood (Biofood), Bosch (Bosch), Yarrah (Yarra). They produce super premium dog food. More mass food against allergies produced by the company: Royal Canin (Royal Canin), Acana (Akana), Pro Plan (Proplan), Purina (Purina), Brit (Brit), Hills (Hills).

But in order not to harm the pet, before feeding the dog with hypoallergenic food, it is necessary to examine it at the veterinarian and establish an allergen. Only a doctor must prescribe a diet for each case.



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