How to mow a dog breed Yorkshire terrier?

Wool is a true pride of Yorkshire terriers. But it requires constant care and daily attentive care.

In Yorks, the wool is long, straight falling from the sides, leaving a parting on the back. Very long hair and face. All this luxury should be washed regularly - from one to three times a week, several times a day to check for the presence of tangles and combing.

And haircut yorkam vital, since the wool is constantly growing and can hinder the dog to move, as well as the administration of natural needs.

Hygienic haircut should be done every two weeks. At the same time, hair is cut shortly in the genital area and anus. Hair is also cut short at the tips of the ears. You can trim the hair and paws, which give the dog a neater appearance. Often, the owners themselves carry out this procedure using scissors or an electric razor. On the head, at the same time, wool is collected in a bun, decorated with elastic bands or barrettes.

If the dog participates in an exhibition, then prepare it by making a special standard haircut. Short cropped hair in the groin, in the armpits and on the tips of the ears, tufts of hair are clipped between the fingers. All wool is carefully leveled and combed.

At the same time on the sides of the coat can be very long.
It is better to entrust this procedure to a professional who knows all the subtleties of the exhibition standard. If the dog does not participate in exhibitions, it is better for her to make another haircut, which is shorter and more comfortable.

Perhaps the Yorkshire terrier is the only breed for which there is such an abundance of possible haircuts and on each dog they may look different.

Types of york haircuts

Haircut for york dogs may have its own characteristics depending on the season - in winter, you can leave the length "in the floor", and in summer - it is better to shave the animal shorter.

You can mow the Yorkshire terrier in the style of the standard, but noticeably shorter. And it is possible with the help of a haircut to give the dog a look of another breed of decorative dog, for example, Chinese Crested, West Highland White Terrier, Spaniel or Miniature Schnauzer.

Yorkies are also sheared "under the puppy," that is, evenly cutting the hair over the entire surface of the body, giving the dog a puppy silhouette. Since yorkies are rather miniature, the dog really touchingly resembles a puppy.

One more of rather popular styles - "trousers". With her, all the wool from the body is shaved off by a typewriter, but remains on her legs, head and tail. The length of the remaining wool can vary.

In addition, Yorkies are often cut "under the lion" (like poodles) or craftsmen come up with their finds like the "Business Lady" or "Handsome Deutsl". Some owners can make haircuts on their own, but without skills and confidence in success, it is better to entrust your pet to the master groomer.



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