Orijen Dog Food - Meat Maximum

Orijen dog food is produced by the Canadian company Champion.

The peculiarity of this dog food is in its high protein and low carbohydrate diet, which is preferred for feeding predators. As part of the feed of this brand there are no cereals, and it is made from fresh: cape, fish, vegetables and fruits with the addition of Canadian meadow grasses.

This is food with a sensationally high meat content - up to 70 percent!

Origen dog food contains three food groups that make the diet varied and as healthy as possible. Thus, the source of proteins in the feed is fresh chicken meat, turkey, whole eggs, lake fish (salmon, whitefish, trout, burbot, pike perch) and ocean herring.

Instead of cereals, seaweed, potatoes, sweet potatoes, sunflower, apples, black currants, and cranberries are used as herbal supplements. Specially selected phytocomponents complement the formula of healthy nutrition. These are the ground roots of dandelion and chicory, medicinal fennel leaves, mint, chamomile, calendula, turmeric and plantain.

How Orijen Dog Food Is Made

The technology of making dog food Origen allows you to keep a maximum of useful substances in it. Fresh meat and fish are brought to the manufacturer’s factory in small batches every day. It is immediately processed, not freezing and passing intermediate processing into meat and bone meal.

Thus, the biological value of products is preserved and their natural taste is preserved, and the dog receives the nutrition necessary for normalizing the digestive system, correct development of the musculoskeletal system and improving metabolic processes.

To eliminate calcium overload, which makes bones fragile, meat for feed is cleaned of bones and not exposed to preservatives. Also, unlike most cheap dry dog ​​food that is cooked in a furnace at a temperature of 110-130 degrees, Origen feed is processed at a temperature of 90 degrees for only 3-5 minutes.

Thus, the manufacturer manages to save many useful amino acids from destruction.
The company produces several types of food, designed for different breeds and age of dogs. In particular, Orijen Puppy is being prepared for puppies, which takes into account the needs of a growing dog body. For more information on puppy food, read the article: Puppy Food

Orijen dog food reviews

Some visitors to our site have left comments on Orijen dog food.

Here is what they write:

Opinion on Orijen dog food №1

- For the first time I tried to feed Origen on my French bulldog when I read reviews from people who are professionally engaged in breeding dogs in kennels. Although my favorite is and not with such pleasure as Royal Kanin, but from the latter, the dog didn’t have much digestion. I do not intend to use any other food except Origen.

Opinion on Orijen dog food # 2

- But I have not very good impressions of this feed. My dog ​​is a Dalmatian breed, very active, but it has digestive problems. Tried different food, including dry food Orijen. This feed contained an extremely large amount of protein. After its use in a week and a half, a whole bunch of problems appeared: incessant murmur in the stomach, flatulence, diarrhea.

The dog began to lose weight. However, the wool was in excellent condition. The dog ate Origen without any pleasure. After going to the vet, we were told that the feed is too high in protein, which has a negative effect on the liver. When we replaced Origen with another feed of the same class, but with a lower protein content, all problems disappeared.

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