Canned food for dogs - nutritious delicacy

Unlike dry food, canned food for dogs is easier to digest and digest. Also, their taste is higher and the dogs love them very much.

And if in the case of switching from natural food to dry food, the dog needs to be gradually accustomed for several weeks, then it instantly switches to canned food, immediately getting used to the new diet.

Canned food for dogs more calories due to the increased amount of fat and about 75% consist of water. Their cost is also higher than dry feed. They can be in the form of cubes, resemble stuffing or stew.

Canned dog food is of two types: intended for the usual daily diet and gourmet food.
Canned food for dogs of the usual diet are made from the muscle tissue of animals, they also contain cereals and soy. In composition, they are more valuable delicacies and cheaper.

The composition of deli meat feed includes a large number of by-products and extruded soy. This soy is tinted in brown to imitate the liver or meat. This food is very tasty and therefore with its frequent use the dog quickly appears to have a steady addiction to it.

The composition of delicious meat food for dogs is inferior, they disrupt the balance of minerals and not enough nutrients. Therefore, with constant feeding of such canned food can cause skeletal diseases. That is, gourmet food is intended only for rare encouragement dogs.

The advantages of canned food for dogs

Unlike dry food, it is better to take canned food for dogs on the road: they do not need to be washed down with plenty of water and they do not cause gas formation in dogs. And at exhibitions it is more convenient to feed the dog with canned food.

In case of kidney diseases and other diseases, when it is necessary to take care of preventing dehydration of the dog's body, it is better to feed the animal not with dry dog ​​food, but specifically with canned food. A capricious doggie who does not want to eat dry food, you can offer it with a sauce of more delicious canned food from the same manufacturer.

When choosing food, it is necessary to take into account the dog’s energy needs, breed and age. All major manufacturers of dog food take into account these features of animals.

There are also medical canned food for dogs, intended for the treatment of obesity and diabetes, as well as for the prevention of various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, kidney and liver diseases. But such food should be prescribed by a veterinarian.

The most famous manufacturers of canned food for dogs of super premium class are Belcando, Hills, Eukanuba, Animonda.



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