Labrador Bo performs arithmetic operations in exchange for cookies

Would you be surprised that your shaggy pet unmistakably executes the commands: Sit !, Lie!, Aport, Ko me! other. Labrador named Bo is famous for his other abilities.

The owners of a 12-year-old Labrador named Bo, who lives in the USA, taught the dog elementary arithmetic, and now he knows how to add and remove, as well as multiply, divide and even extract square roots - to make calculations, sometimes difficult even for a man. Bo will execute all these commands until the owner has a cookie that his mathematically capable pet loves so much.

Bo's dog-calculator, in addition to all the arithmetic operations listed above, can solve equations of the first degree of complexity, the Daily Mail writes. For each correct answer, the owner rewards the intelligent dog with dog biscuits.

The owner of the Labrador recognizes that the accuracy of the result that he reports with the help of the barking does not reach 85%, but the dog, thanks to his intellect, has become a local landmark.

"I have kept dogs all my life, but Bo differs from my previous pets with his extraordinary mental abilities," his owner David Madsen, former director of AT & T, said proudly.

David and his wife Patty sheltered Bo in their home when their daughter Melissa, now a student at the University of South Georgia, picked up that puppy on the street.

Madsen taught his four-legged pet to count cookies: Bo was allowed to eat cookies only if he progavkaet as many times as the pieces of cookies before him laid out.

Bo knows how to count not only in English, he understands perfectly well when he is called numbers in Spanish, knows how to “sound” the score of a football match or golf, as well as skip a simple amount written on paper.

And recently, a genius dog learned to solve simple equations of the plan: "If 9 is divided by X, it will turn out 3. What is X?" Bo barks 3 times. When asked how old he is, the dog barks 12 times. When asked the question "How many men are at the moment?" - Labrador always responds to one more. Just a smart dog never forgets to count himself.

Once a friend of David, Bo's master, doubted that the dog could do all the mathematical operations on its own. He tested it on his own for half an hour, after which he returned Bo to the owner with the words: "This dog is a genius!"

However, Bo has one little flaw. Arithmetic quickly annoys him if he does not receive his favorite promotion - cookies. In this case, he can answer 3-4 questions and that's it. But when he without delay gets his treat, he is ready to count at least a whole day.



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