Clothes for dogs. Dog clothing sizes

When choosing clothes for dogs, as well as for people, it is important to choose the right size for dogs. Comfort above all! Any clothes should be free to restrain the movements of the animal. Not be amiss to remind about the material.

It is better to pick up products from natural "breathing" fabrics, especially if it is assumed that you often begin to dress up your pet.

Manufacturers, as a rule, label clothes for dogs with symbols already familiar to us - the Latin letters XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL on the labels indicate which dog is suitable for outfit - for very small or very large .

Sellers often remind us that in most cases fitting is necessary. After all, two things of the same company, of the same size, may sit down differently. Not once observed in specialized stores in small queues - the process of fitting takes some time, and while the “dandy” or “fashionista” with her master is engaged in the selection of wardrobe, the rest of those who are waiting patiently in the wings.

In order to correctly determine the size of clothes for dogs, it is necessary to take measurements. To do this, you will need a tailor's tape, with which you measure the length and volume of the body parts of your dog, then just look in the below table of sizes of clothes for dogs.

Dog Clothing Size Chart

The size

Back length (from withers to tail)

Chest girth

Neck girth


13-17 cm

22-27 cm

13-18 cm


17-23 cm

27-33 cm

18-23 cm


23-28 cm

34-40 cm

23-27 cm


28-35 cm

40-45 cm

27-31 cm


35-41 cm

48-50 cm

31-35 cm


41-47 cm

50-59 cm

35-39 cm


47-58 cm

59-69 cm

39-42 cm

Clothes for dogs. How to measure a dog

Back length

Make sure the dog is level. Measure the length of the spine from the withers with a tailor's tape (withers - the highest place of the back when the dog is calm) to the base of the tail. If, as a result of the measurement, you get a length that is between the dimensions shown in the table, we recommend taking a larger size. If the animal is of dense build and has a voluminous chest, you need to add another size so that the product fits well and the animal is comfortable. If your pet is thin or lean, then you need a smaller size.

Chest girth

Measure the widest part of the chest. When determining the size is recommended to add to the resulting volume of 3-4 cm for free fit. Also pay attention to the chosen model - depending on the style, things can be either tight-fitting or quite loose.

Neck girth

It is necessary to take measurements from the widest part of the neck. The girth of the neck is usually equal to the size of the collar. If you determine the size of a model, then you need to pay attention to the neck of the thing - the product can be with a high collar or with a rather free neck. The thing in no case should "push" the dog. (Read more on the topic: "Overalls for dogs", "Clothing for the French Bulldog")



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