Food for large breeds of dogs

Food for large breeds of dogs must have certain properties, which we describe in this article.

Large dogs are considered animals taller than 60 centimeters at the withers and weighing more than 26 kilograms. Features of the body of such dogs dictate the properties that should have a complete feed.

So, in large breeds of dogs due to the large weight increased load on the heart. Therefore, their nutrition should be rich in potassium and vitamins B, which strengthen the heart muscle. They also need unsaturated fatty acids, for example, fish oil, which is a good prevention of heart and vascular diseases, and reduces the risk of developing diseases that are associated with overweight.

If a large dog does not have enough exercise, it does not actively walk, then it is threatened with obesity. Therefore, adult dogs with limited activity should eat a particularly balanced food, without excessive energy and with a reduced content of animal fat.

Puppies of large breeds of dogs require a special approach to feeding. On the one hand, they are rapidly growing and during this period the body should receive an increased amount of animal protein for growth, as well as calcium and phosphorus for strengthening bones. But on the other hand, excessive nutrition and rapid weight gain can lead to deformation of the joints and bones.

Therefore, the amount of animal fat in dry dog ​​food should be reduced. Most often, puppies of such breeds manufacturers offer food based on non-fatty meats: lamb or chicken. And never in the production of feed is not used pork or meat of waterfowl. As a filler, puppies are offered the least “volumetric” rice.

Major manufacturers of dry food for large breeds of dogs

Lines of food for large breeds of dogs produce almost all brands. Among the recognized leaders are Hills, Happy Dog, Royal Canin, Acana, Eukanuba, Bosch, Brit, Pro Plan, Biofood, Yarrah.
All of them take into account the increased load on the body of a large dog on the cartilages of the paws, and therefore there are special substances in the feed that are glycosaminoglycans, which strengthen connective tissues.

As well as vitamins and minerals (glucosamine, hondrotin sulfate), necessary to maintain the health of the entire skeleton. Vitamins C, E and antioxidants are introduced into the feed to stimulate immunity and prevent cancer.

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