Chow Chow Classes

Often the owners do not expose the dog themselves, preferring to entrust it to the handler - a professional who has experience with this breed. In most cases, this solution seems reasonable.

Handler knows many secrets of a winning demonstration of a dog, will be able to emphasize its merits and smooth out its shortcomings. He knows the requirements of most experts and can draw the judge’s attention to precisely those features of the dog that the judge appreciates in the breed.

Here are the chow chow age classes:

  • Baby - 3-6 months;
  • Puppies - 6-9 months;
  • Juniors - 9-18 months
  • Intermedia - 15-24 months
  • Open class - from 15 months
  • Class champions - from 18 months with a champion certificate;
  • Veteran class - from 8 years.

In the class of baby chow chow puppies are evaluated in terms of breed, prospectivity and quality of cultivation. Estimates that she can get, a great prospect, a prospect, a small prospect. In the junior class, the highest score is “very good”, as chow-chows belong to late-forming dogs and, perhaps, the best junior will be overwhelmed and become a rather mediocre dog, and the one who lost to the winner will become a championship-level chow.

Starting with the intermedia class, the highest mark is “excellent”.

The title "Best Baby" is awarded to the first puppy in the ranking with a rating of "very promising", "Best Puppy" - the winner in the puppy class, "Best Junior" - the winner in the junior class.

Starting with the class of intermedia, the dog can receive titles at certificate shows. The chow-chow, who received an excellent mark and won first place in his class, receives the title “Candidate for National Champions of Beauty” (CAC). The dog next to the winner with the rating “excellent” is awarded the title “Reserve candidate for national beauty champions” (R. CAC).

At the international certificate shows chow-chow can win the title "Candidate for International Beauty Champions" (CACIB), which is awarded to the best dog and the best bitch who won in comparison of the winners of classes. Male and female, who took second place in comparison of class winners, receive the title "Reserve candidate for international beauty champions" (R. CACIB). In order to get a champion title, Chow has to collect four CACIBs at shows in three different countries in one year and one day.

The title "The best representative of the breed" has already been mentioned above. Then the best representatives of the breed compete for the title. The Best Representative of the Breed Group (BIG). Here the best dogs of the same breed group are compared. The Chow Chows belong to the 5th FCI group, which includes spitz-dogs and primitive dogs - Malamute, Husky, Akita Inu, Bassenji.

The best representatives of the breed groups at the end compete with each other for the highest title of this exhibition - “The Best Dog of the Exhibition” (BIS) / He receives the brightest representative of his breed group. It is clear that in order to successfully reach the finish line, both the dog and the owner must be real fighters — enduring, physically strong, gambling, and have strong nerves.

But if the owner of the chow chow plans to entrust the exhibition work to the handler, he must take into account the specific character of the dogs of this breed. With the distrust of the chow to strangers and the desire to independently judge people and choose their friends from among them, the acquaintance of the dog with the future handler should occur long before the show. Perhaps the owner will have to try more than once before he finds a specialist who can get along with his dog and ensure that she cooperates with the handler at the exhibition and does not fight.

And the last rule is common for owners of dogs of all breeds, but especially important for Chow-Chows: regardless of the results of the exhibition, the dog should know that it is well done, the owner is proud of it, they have worked well together. Dissatisfaction with the result cannot be transferred to the dog. Chow chow easily tolerates physical pain, but can really get sick if the owner treats him scornfully only because he is not a champion.



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