What you should know before you buy a Scottish Terrier puppy

When you have decided to buy a scotch terrier and already have an idea of ​​how a little scotch terrier gets settled at home, happiness overwhelms your soul and you think only about one thing: rather, to see this miracle.

But still curb your feelings for a while, because before you buy a Scottish Terrier puppy, you will have to solve a few questions.

Boy or girl

Or, as they say dog ​​handlers - a dog or a bitch? While scotch terriers grow, there is no difference. Both the boy and the girl will happily play, walk and play pranks. The nature is not very dependent on gender. The boy can be unusually gentle, touching with all his playfulness. And the girl is insolent and cheeky. And vice versa.

Males, of course, are somewhat more prone to dog fights, especially if you have someone to protect, but girls can also be quarrelsome by nature, although much less often. When puberty (6-9 months), the dog will start playing sex games with his friends dogs on the street.

Not very nice, but in no case can you scold. This is a kind of training before serious communication with the opposite sex. A dog can mark its territory, raising its paw. Sometimes even at home - on the corners and furniture. From this, however, can be weaned. A girl begins puberty during puberty (bleeding from the loop), which is repeated twice a year and lasts about 3 weeks. Bitches, as a rule, pry at each other, but sometimes droplets of blood can be seen on the carpet or furniture.

Well, the most important difference. If you decide to buy a male scotch terrier, you are depriving yourself of happiness to see the emergence of a new life into the world, happiness to hold in your hands a tiny helpless blind lump. Open eyes - joy! There was an ear - joy!

But, of course, this care. Feeding, cleaning ... God forbid, get sick. Buying puppies is a serious matter. (Read more with useful articles: Feeding a puppy, puppy food)

Scotch terrier price

The price of puppies scotch terrier depends on a number of parameters: on the quality (class) of the puppy, on the floor, on the capitulation of the parents, etc. Therefore, at the moment the price of puppies scotch terrier from 15,000 rubles to 25,000 rubles and above.



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