Mini Greyhounds - Italian Greyhound

Mummies of graceful dogs, similar to a greyhound in miniature (Italian greyhound), were found during excavations of many tombs in North Africa. And their images in Egyptian wall painting and on bas-reliefs date back to the 6th millennium BC.

In ancient Egypt, dogs similar to modern IGs were bred at the court of the pharaohs. It is believed that from Egypt they fell into Greece, and from there to other European countries. There is historical evidence that the queen Cleopatra presented several puppies of Italian greyhound as a gift to Caesar. In the Middle Ages, these mini greyhounds became widespread among the Italian nobility.

However, in other countries, the IG was a breed of the rich and noble. Too graceful smooth-haired dog had no practical significance in the household, but its refinement and refinement were an excellent addition to the appearance of any socialite. Italian greyhound were probably one of the first dogs used as companions. Although some notable ladies sometimes entertained themselves and their IGs with rabbit hunting. It is believed that the name of the breed comes from the French word lievre - “hare”. Among the famous pastures of the past are the famous Zemira, the favorite of Catherine II.

In our time, the graceful Italian greyhound ceased to be the privilege of the nobility.

Despite the external fragility, the Italian greyhound is quite hardy and tireless. Like all greyhounds, they will be happy to run in open territories, and with great speed. And if any small animal can be found in the district, which you can drive, you will only wonder where in such an almost disembodied body there is so much power and energy.

Italian greyhound require increased attention in childhood. When a puppy grows up, it is impossible to allow him to make sharp movements and jumps, this can disrupt the proper formation of the backbone. Adult dogs are unpretentious. The only sorrow of the greyhounds in our northern lands is cold. Therefore, in inclement weather, take her for a walk in a special asshole, then the dog probably will not catch a cold.

A big plus of this breed is incredible cleanliness and the lack of a characteristic smell. They are very addictive, quick-witted and easy to train. If the owner of the Italian greyhound is a gambling person, then he can take part in dog races with his pet - both will enjoy it. Italian greyhound is famous for the speeds that they develop over short distances. (See photos of other dog breeds)



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