Breeding a poodle

Sexual maturity of males and bitches of a poodle occurs in 6-8 months. However, pairing dogs at this age is not recommended, since the growth of the body is not completed and the bitch’s pregnancy can adversely affect her health and offspring.

Breeding animals mate usually at the age of 1.6 - 1.8 years. They must be completely healthy.

Selection of animals in pairs - the most crucial moment. It takes into account the heredity of animals, the prediction of mating results. Male should be on the qualitative assessment of the bitch. When mating with a worse dog compared to a bitch, it is difficult to expect improvement in the offspring. We should not select pairs of dogs with similar defects (for example, weakness of the constitution, poor sense of mind, etc.). For breeding poodles, you should contact breeders.

First knitting must be done carefully. If a bitch knits for the first time, she usually growls, snaps. A young dog may be frightened, and this fear will remain with him for a long time. Better to bring a dog to a bitch, and not vice versa. Male at the time of mating should be in a familiar environment. For the first mating, a young dog is better to bring a calm, already knit bitch. On the day of mating, you need to feed him not earlier than 5-7 hours before the bitch arrives, then after mating, to walk and only 2-3 hours later you can feed him again.

A pregnant bitch should be kept in a warm, dry, bright room, which should be ventilated periodically. It is necessary to prepare a soft, dry and clean litter. They usually sew mattresses and fill them with soft hay, oat straw or cotton wool. Good for mattresses to wear covers. For a small and dwarf poodle, you can arrange a nest in a box by making one wall low.

It is upholstered so that the dog does not hurt the nipples when entering and exiting the box. In the first half of pregnancy, care for the bitch is normal, in the second - more thorough. She is skipped on a leash, avoiding sudden movements and overwork, which can lead to miscarriage. It is better to abstain from bathing a bitch during this period. During pregnancy, many dog ​​breeders give bitches multivitamin tablets: large poodles - 1 tablet, small and medium ½, a dwarf poodle - part 1 time a day. It is useful to add trivitamin to food: a large poodle - 8-10 drops, an average - 5-8 and a dwarf - up to 5 drops daily.

Pregnancy bitch lasts an average of 63 days (58-66 days). Before giving birth, she stops eating, looking for a place to nest. 1-2 weeks before the whelping, the bitch should be washed with warm water with baby soap or shampoo and dried thoroughly, and on the eve of the whelping shears long hair around the nipples and external genitals. Childbirth usually lasts 5-18 hours. During this period, the bitch cannot be disturbed. Females of the big poodle usually give birth to 2-4 puppies or more, small and dwarf - usually 1-3. After whelping, the contaminated litter must be removed, the bed must be clean and in the future to keep it clean.

A nursing bitch needs to walk at least three times a day, first for 5-10 minutes, gradually increasing the duration to 15-20 minutes. Every 4-5 days, the nipples of the bitch should be washed with warm water or a solution of boric acid, wiped dry and lubricated with petroleum jelly. After whelping, the first 6 hours do not feed the bitch, and then give a little (up to 0.5 l) of warm milk with glucose and up to 150 g of white bread crumbs soaked in milk. Water should be constantly. The next 3 days after giving birth, the bitch is given dietary liquid porridge (white crackers in milk, liquid meat soup with oatmeal or semolina, etc.), and then transferred to a regular diet. It is possible to bathe a nursing bitch no earlier than on the 5-7th week after whelping.

Poodle puppies are born deaf, blind and without teeth. The first days they are helpless, but food reflexes are well developed. By the 15th day puppies begin to see, hear and crawl, and on the 20-25th day baby teeth erupt. Keep them in this period should be in a specially equipped nest (box-box) so that the bitch could not inadvertently pin them down. Sunlight should only be reflected, as direct sunlight falling on blind puppies, they are annoying.

Usually the mother takes care of the puppies during the first month. Then the owner must do it. It is necessary to inspect them daily, wipe with a towel face after each feeding. Once a week, inspect the ears and clean the inner surface of the auricle with a cotton swab or bandage, moistened with salicylic or boric alcohol. Long hair in the ears need to be cut off. Eyes should be inspected daily and, if necessary, wiped with a swab moistened with boric acid or tea. Once a week, you should brush your teeth with chalk, tooth powder or citric acid.

On the 3rd day after birth, as a rule, the tail of the poodle puppies is ½ - 1/3 of the length of the tail. It is desirable that an expert did this, although this simple operation can be done on your own. At the level of the second or third vertebra, the skin is treated with tincture of iodine, shifted to the root of the tail, an incision of the skin and other tissues along the joint is made, the stump is burned with iodine for several minutes until complete bleeding stops. Better on the skin at the end of the stitches. You can in the specified place to put a gum or bandage tight. In 2-3 days, the tip of the tail shrivels and disappears.

Puppies of a poodle start to actively move and play from the age of three weeks. Therefore, it is necessary to practice exercises with them in order to develop endurance and strength. For games, you can use blunt bones, light objects, a ball, rattles, carrots, potatoes and more. The puppy loves to gnaw on objects caught in the eye - shoes, mats, furniture, etc. If the item can not be hidden, then it can be rubbed with bitter red pepper. After the first test, the desire to gnaw at the puppy disappears.



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