Putting the dog to sleep is not an easy decision.

Sometimes the owner of the dog has to make a difficult decision - to watch the torment of a dying pet or put it to sleep. Not everyone will decide on euthanasia, especially if the animal is quite young and there remains at least the slightest hope of recovery.

The decision whether to put a dog to sleep or not lies entirely with the owners.

Unfortunately, there are owners who put to sleep even quite active, but injured animals: without a paw or blind in one eye. In this case, it is only a matter of conscience, because animals do not worry because of the lack of a paw and are able to give many more joyful moments. Although a good vet will refuse to put to sleep a dog that has a chance to recover or is completely active.

But when an animal is at a solid age and a disappointing diagnosis is made, such as cancer, everyone has to decide: to prick painkillers and watch for slow dying, realizing their helplessness or interrupting such existence. In any case, the decision to put to sleep should be made only after consulting a good veterinarian. And perhaps not even with one.

Veterinarians believe that for sleep it is important to choose the right moment. And this must be before the animal begins to suffer physical suffering. When, being afraid to decide on euthanasia, the owners think for a long time, they only allow the pet to suffer too much. In addition, only a veterinarian can conduct a humane procedure for putting a dog to sleep.

Can I put a dog to sleep at home?

Where can I put a dog to sleep? At home or in a specialized clinic? What drug? How much is the sleep? The owner of the animal do not give rest to many questions. We will try to answer them.

If the dog is so sick that it is difficult for him to move, it is better to call a doctor for euthanasia to the house. In this case, put the dog to sleep at home would be the best option. But before that, we should ask what drugs this vet uses to put to sleep. In other cases, it is better to put the dog to sleep in a specialized clinic.

There are many types of euthanasia: bleeding, calcination of the spinal cord, asphyxiation with nitrogen (argon), injection of ethyl alcohol, potassium chloride, hydrochloride, air embolism and others. But most of them cause painful death.

The most humane is a medical procedure consisting of two stages. First, the doctor introduces a complex anesthetic composition that anesthetizes and turns off the animal's consciousness. The dog is immersed in deep anesthesia and ceases to feel anything.

After that, potent drugs are introduced that stop the respiration and heart activity of the animal. It is best if the veterinarian uses barbiturates for this sedimentation: sodium thiopental, hexenal, etc. With their help, the pet just slowly falls asleep and feels nothing when its heart gradually stops.

It is better when the pet owner is not present when sleeping. And, since animal self-burial is not encouraged by law and is subject to fines, it is better to hand over the animal's body to a special station and order its cremation.

How much does it cost to put a dog to sleep?

The cost of euthanasia depends on the weight of the animal.

Here are the average prices for sleeping dogs in Moscow and St. Petersburg:

  • up to 10 kilograms - 2000 rubles;
  • from 10 to 20 kilograms - 2500 rubles;
  • from 20 to 30 kilograms - 3000 rubles;
  • from 30 to 40 kilograms - 3500 rubles;
  • from 40 to 50 kilograms - 4,000 rubles;
  • for large breeds of dogs weighing more than 50 kilograms - the price is negotiable.

Prices for services are indicated without the cost of a ritual urn. In other cities of Russia, the cost is usually lower by 20-30%. We brought only average prices. In each case, the cost of the procedure is better to learn directly from the organizations involved in this type of activity. We publish the addresses and contact numbers of some of them on our website:

Of course, it would be better for pet owners to never face the problem of putting a dog to sleep or not. But if it arose, the decision must be correct and timely.



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