Poodle training

So, you became the owner of a purebred puppy poodle. Together with him a new joy and new worries came to your house. For your four-legged friend to be intelligent, obedient, you need love, patience and hard work.

If you want to raise a raised dog, which would be a joy to both the owner and strangers, you will have to follow for yourself.

In your permissions and prohibitions you must be fairly consistent and correct. Dog lovers joke: "Training a dog, train yourself." Many owners, controlling their behavior, are aware that by training the dog, they themselves become calmer, less responsive to stressful situations.

The basis of the correct education of the poodle is the incentive method, which includes praise, giving a treat, stroking, pulling out with a leash, changing the voice intonation. You can not beat the dog, kick, shout, force it to carry out the command. Never beat the dog with your hand! She should not be afraid of the master's hand. Punishment should be only at the time of misdemeanor. Later, it is useless to punish the dog, no effect is achieved and the undesirable habit may persist. Do not forget to praise your student, if the team they performed well.

Training a poodle should start with your puppyhood. Mistakes made at the very beginning of upbringing can permanently change the behavior of your poodle.

On the first day when you brought the puppy home, give him the opportunity to get used to the new place of residence, let him sniff, get acquainted with the new situation. It will be better if you bring him to your house in the morning so that he has time to get used to the new dwelling. If the puppy is brought into the house in the evening, he will whine for a long time.

It is necessary to take care in advance and prepare your puppy a place to rest, sleep and eat. This is usually the corner of a room without drafts, sufficiently lit. Place a mattress or a box (basket) with a mattress here. The first time a puppy should be attributed to the equipped place, until he gets used and begins to pack independently.

Patiently and persistently teach a puppy to a place for toilet. In the apartment you need to equip a special place where you can put a baking sheet with sand or lay a newspaper. After sleeping and each feeding you need to carry the puppy there until he gets used to walking himself. In order for the puppy to get used to the place of the toilet more quickly, it is advisable to put a newspaper with the smell of a native nest, taken from the former owner of the puppy, on this very first day. If the puppy is relieved not at the allotted place, then immediately destroy the smell, wiping this place with ammonia or other odorous substances, and the puppy will not go there anymore.

Do not bother the poodle during sleep. Puppies sleep a lot, and by disturbing puppy sleep, you disturb the nervous system of your dog. You can not play a lot with a puppy, carry on your hands and put in bed with you. He quickly becomes accustomed to this and it is almost impossible to wean him later. It should not be lifted by the paws and by the "scruff", the front paws should be moved sideways from the body, since it is possible to damage the joints that have not yet formed.

If you live on the first floor, a puppy up to 3 months of age down the stairs must be demolished in your arms: dislocation of the hip joints is possible. Do not punish the puppy in its place. He must love his place and take it as his refuge. Do not leave household items, medicines, buttons, needles, threads in accessible places. Do not use insecticides or install mousetraps.

Do not use as a toy small things that a puppy can swallow, foam toys, hard wood sticks. You can not pull toys from the mouth of a puppy - you can spoil the bite. It is necessary to tighten the upper lip under the teeth with your finger, and the puppy will release the toy himself.



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