Do-it-yourself dog clothes

Recently, we received a letter from a caring hostess who complained that she wanted to insulate her dog, but pet clothing at pet stores is too expensive.

Of course, such a problem in the cold season worries many. To solve it once and for all, we will tell how to sew clothes for dogs with their own hands.

What do you need to do to sew clothes for your dog with your own hands?

  1. You need to remove only one measure from the dog - the length of the back. To do this, put a collar on the dog without tightening it, and measure the distance from it to the tail root - this is the length of the back (AB line in the diagram).
  2. Divide the resulting number by 8 to find out the size of the side of the square of the grid on which the pattern is built.
  3. It remains to tweet the mesh and transfer the pattern to it.

Detail 1 must be a steam room - this is the right and left half of the jumpsuit. Detail 2 (unpaired, the diagram shows a half) is a wedge sewn between the front legs with a narrow end. He covers his chest and stomach.

This pattern is designed for a poodle, but is perfect for dogs of other breeds - for this you need to adjust the length of the leg. Adjust the width and length of the leg when fitting, and the bottom for convenience and warmth is collected on the gum.

Such a plan does not prevent the dog from moving, it will protect it from wind, rain and snow, especially if the overalls are made of two layers: the upper part is made of raincoat fabric and the flannel lining.

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