Features of dry puppy food

In order for an adult dog to be healthy, you need to be especially careful in caring for your puppy. Food should be as balanced as possible, and puppy food only of the highest quality.

Balanced feeding means that the dog consumes not only the meat and other protein foods it loves, but also many other substances that the dog naturally eats without pleasure or refuses to eat in its diet. And they, nevertheless, are vital for her.

All these ingredients are taken into account in dry feed, even economy class. But the more professional the food, the more necessary substances are weighed in it.
Therefore, if an adult dog can be fed with dry food even in economy class, then the puppy should be raised at the stern not lower than the premium class (Dog Chow, Pro Pac, etc.), but better - on a professional (Pro Plan, Hills, Eukanuba, etc. .).

The breeders noticed that puppies growing in the middle class feed slowly grow and as a result the dog becomes more graceful and lighter, although it has no particular problems with health.

On professional feed puppies do not overeat, but they gain weight well and have the best woolen coat. Dogs grow good size.

What is important to pay attention to when buying puppy food?

  • At the feed should be an indication that it is intended for feeding puppies. In this feed, there are various features of a growing organism. For example, puppy food pellets are much smaller in size so that the puppy can gnaw them.

  • There is also a difference in the composition of the food for puppies. It contains all the useful minerals, vitamins, calcium, proteins and everything a puppy needs for full development and proper growth.
  • Often, manufacturers of dog food on packs indicate for which breeds this diet is intended. And such food will be the most appropriate, since in its manufacture all the features of the development of this particular breed are taken into account.
  • It must be remembered that when feeding puppies with dry food, fertilizing with natural food and even supplementation of vitamins is not allowed. Mineral vitamin supplement is prescribed only for individual health problems: joint injuries, infections, poisoning, etc.
  • With mixed feeding, there may be an excess of phosphorus, protein or calcium deficiency, which often leads to problems with the joints and renal failure.
  • You can not alternate between dry food and natural food. This is fraught with the development of chronic gastritis.
  • You need to start feeding your puppy with dry food from the age of 3 weeks, grinding the food and mixing it with milk. From the age of one and a half months, food can be given in dry form, slightly soaking in milk. From 3 months milk should be excluded.

Puppy Food Reviews

At our request, visitors to our site send their feedback on puppy food. We will introduce you to some of them.

Reviewed №1 for Eukanuba puppy food:

My tiny toy terrier had been eating cereals with myask for half a year, although it was “fed” - that was loudly said. I had to beg on my knees to lick a little of food. I had to urgently look for suitable puppy food. After reading a lot of reviews, I chose Eukanuba and, I made the right decision. At last, my Berry began to eat with appetite. The dog recovered to the required volumes, the oils disappeared, the wool glistened, and the tear paths under the eyes disappeared.

Ekaterina, Moscow

Recall number 2 on food for Brit dogs:

The Labrador puppy was fed by a naturalka until he had problems: periodic diarrhea, unpleasant smell from the mouth and ears, wool, as if powdered with powder. We decided that some food component is allergic. And then one doggie advised Brit puppy food, which she takes to her allergic dog. Our Kuzya easily switched to it, began to eat with great pleasure and has never refused. Ears stopped to smell, as well as from the mouth, discharge from the ears and dandruff disappeared. Wool shines now, as before and was not. When going to the toilet the heaps became smaller. I guess this indicates a better digestion of feed. I consider it a plus that the food was not produced in Russia, but it is a bit annoying that the granules, although not much, smell like mixed fodder. And the price is good, for two months we have enough bag in 8 kg.

Alexander, St. Petersburg

Recall number 3 on food for puppies Proplan:

Even as a puppy, my dog ​​had problems with the gastrointestinal tract. The food was not digested, the puppy was sick and sad that it was simply not natural for a spaniel. One of the veterinarians advised us to try the Pro Plan puppy food. And now our dog is just reborn. It grows well, is mobile, active, always cheerful. We forgot about the problems with the stomach, and the teeth are in excellent condition. And since we immediately take 20 kilograms of feed packaging, the price is very profitable.

Vyacheslav, Novosibirsk

Dear readers of our site, if you have ever used any puppy food in your practice, please share your opinion by writing in the form below. Thereby you will help to make the right choice to other dog owners.

Puppy food price

How much are dry rations for our little friends? The cost of food is naturally different from the weight of the package, the manufacturer’s company and the class. The most expensive feed - super premium class. The average retail price of puppy food is 2,000 to 2,300 rubles per 15 kg. package. In each case, you better contact the trading company.



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