What to feed a puppy and an adult Yorkshire terrier? The approximate diet of York

Feeding the Yorkshire terrier has its own characteristics. York is a small dog with a tiny and very delicate system of digestion and this should be taken into account when thinking through the diet of the animal.

Any deviation from the rules of nutrition can cause serious disturbances in the body of York. But most often the owners of crumbs overfeed them, trying between meals to “pamper” the pet with something tasty.

The most "gentle" organ of York is the liver. She is the first to suffer from malnutrition, the consequences of which will already appear at the age of 5-6 years. Therefore, Yorkshire terriers are contraindicated:

  1. mutton,
  2. pork and too fatty foods.

To begin with, the owner of the yrkshire terrier will have to decide the question of what kind of food should be given to the dog: natural or ready. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.

Natural food is more familiar and does not contain artificial additives, but it will take experience and time to prepare it. It is also inconvenient to feed a dog on travels with natural products.

Prohibited foods while feeding the Yorkshire Terrier

Also Yorkshire Terrier is strictly prohibited any sweets:

  1. cakes
  2. cakes,
  3. lump sugar
  4. chocolate etc.

They disrupt the normal functioning of the liver, cause eye suppuration. Do not need a Yorkshire terrier and products such as:

  • ham,
  • any sausage,
  • fatty cheeses
  • fresh bread
  • pasta,
  • cabbage,
  • turnip,
  • broths,
  • legumes,
  • potatoes,
  • citrus,
  • ice cream,
  • juices
  • milk (after 4 months),
  • cereal.

Feeding the Yorkshire Terrier dry and feed and canned food: what to give?

Ready food is easy to pick up for a certain age of the dog. It should be remembered that no other products can be added to such food, they already contain absolutely everything your dog needs. Constantly must be fresh drinking water.

Many experienced veterinarians do not advise giving yorkam dry food - it is too dry for a tiny body and does not have a good effect on digestion. Therefore, at least, the transfer of York from natural food to ready-made feed should start with the selection of canned food. Read more about canned food in more detail in the article: Canned food for dogs

To determine the daily rate of natural food, you need to monitor the weight of the dog: for every 500 g of its weight enough a tablespoon of food. Since yorkies are prone to lack of measure in food, which leads to obesity, they need to be weighed periodically. If the dog began to gain weight, the amount of food needed to be reduced.

It is necessary to constantly remember that what is the daily feeding rate of yorkshire terrier depends on the physical activity of the dog. If the dog walks a lot and is very active, then the volume of feed slightly increases, and if it sleeps more, it decreases a little.

Feeding puppies York: approximate diet

Puppies up to two months are fed 5-6 times a day, up to four months - 4 times, up to ten - 3-4 times. An adult dog is fed twice a day: in the morning and in the evening, better after a walk. The bowl is removed 10-15 minutes after the dog has moved away from it after feeding, regardless of whether the food remains in the bowl. In the heat of the dog is better to feed once a day - in the early morning.

The basis of healthy nutrition puppy York is:

  • raw or scalded beef,
  • cereal "Hercules" in dry form,
  • chopped raw or boiled vegetables,
  • dairy products,
  • Calcined cottage cheese,
  • quail egg yolks,
  • sea ​​fish.

Meat, fish and vegetables should be cut into small pieces. Meat dog should be fed only in the evening, and the morning feeding is better to make vegetable. Vegetable salads are good to add vegetable oil or a little sour cream.It is better for yorks not to give bones at all, because for such a small dog it is not easy to find a suitable beef bone, and chicken is strictly forbidden to dogs.



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