Elderly dog

She is not barking in the morning,She is an elderly dog. (A. Barto)

These lines are from a famous children's poem. They are dedicated, like my article, to the old animal. How to extend the life of a pet family? How to solve problems? All information about proper maintenance and care of a long-term pet will be found in this article.

All dog owners are faced with the need to care for older animals. With a properly organized mode, the pet will live for many more years, delighting the owner and not causing any special difficulties.

Even after 8 years of life, dogs begin to show signs of aging. Significantly reduced mobility and resistance to stress. The dog may become irritable, or vice versa - apathetic. The appearance of the animal is undergoing change. The gait changes due to decreased muscle tone and joint flexibility. The back sags more and more with age, and the belly of a low dog can drag along the ground while walking.

In order to maintain the physical shape of an old dog, it is necessary to continue to encourage it to move. No need to cancel walks. It is enough to reduce their time or reduce the pace, adjusting it to the capabilities of the pet. Doing exercise 2-3 times a day, the dog maintains muscle tone and stretches the joints. If the animal has excess weight - walks will help keep it under control. The main rule of walking an aging dog is to avoid severe fatigue.

The skin and coat of an animal also changes with age. The sebaceous glands reduce activity, the skin dries out, and dandruff may appear. Due to the loss of flexibility, the dog becomes difficult to monitor the cleanliness of certain parts of the body. Timely washing of the pet will help solve a number of possible problems.

The thermoregulation of the old dog weakens. The animal is given heavy air temperature drops. If possible, you need to protect it from extreme cold and heat.

Elderly dog ​​health

With age, dogs acquire a number of health problems. They reduce the acuity of hearing and vision, there are problems with the teeth. Gradually gaining excess weight, which leads to a disease of the heart muscle. In many animals, the kidneys and the stomach begin to work worse. These problems are corrected by proper nutrition, changing the mode of walking, massage. Some situations require the intervention of a veterinarian and compliance with his recommendations.

Food for an old dog

The diet of an elderly animal must meet its needs. In the selection of food take into account the activity of the pet, a predisposition to obesity, a decrease in the ability to absorb calcium. When feeding animals with industrial dog food, choose a line for older dogs (For more information about feed for older dogs, see the article: Dry food for adult dogs). If the food is prepared by yourself, then its additional fortification is required. A suitable drug will advise a veterinarian or pet shop consultant. The animal needs proper nutrition and physical activity. The quality and duration of his life depends on it.



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