Dog Food Propak (Pro Pac) - elite food

Since 1985, Pro Pac dog food has been produced by the American company Midwestern Pet Foods, one of the leaders in the modern feed industry.

The company has its own laboratory and two production bases in the United States.

For dogs, the company produces ten names of Pro Pac feeds. These are rations for puppies and adult animals, sedentary and elderly dogs, intended for dogs prone to allergies.

By quality, they all belong to the group of superpremium feed. And the main advantage of these feeds is a unique composition.
First of all, there are no animal by-products in the Pro Pac feed. In this case, the main source of animal protein is meat meal, and the source of fat is natural chicken fat. In addition, Pro Pac does not use chemical preservatives, colorants, and similar substances, as well as soy and bone products.

All Pro Pak dog food is saturated with the necessary animal complex of minerals and vitamins, containing natural Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. At the same time, feeds for large breeds of dogs and elderly animals are supplemented with chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine hydrochloride. These substances are necessary for the prevention and treatment of osteoarthritis, to which animals in old age and representatives of large breeds are prone.

Thanks to meat meal, which is concentrated dehydrated meat, Pro Pac feeds have five times more meat than the diets of many other manufacturers.

Features of dry dog ​​food Pro Pak (Pro Pac)

Thanks to the optimal combination of nutrients in the feed, they are easier to digest and, as a result, the dog needs less feed to saturate. So, a large dog will be satisfied with 400-460 grams per day.

It combines all ProPak feeds with nutrients that help to increase muscle tone and strengthen bones, regulate bowels and take care of skin and coat health. But each food intended for animals of a certain category is distinguished by the subtleties of the composition and additional ingredients.

For example, dog food designed to combat obesity has a reduced calorie content while retaining all the necessary nutrients. It is also recommended for sterilized and neutered dogs, allergies and diabetics. ProPak for adult small breeds is characterized by high energy and a special formula of pellets, suitable for small dogs. Food for large, but aging dogs contains substances that help maintain elastic joints, significantly reducing the risk of diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Puppy food cares about the proper development of future champions and contain a special supplement - DHA acid, useful for vision and brain functions. Pregnant and lactating females can eat the same food, and then the kids will not have food allergies, and their transition from mother's milk to dry food will be the most natural.

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