Poodle Hair Care

Wool - the main decoration of the poodle, and that she really was such, it must be very carefully looked after. Wool poodle has its own characteristics.

It is known that during shedding the dead hairs linger in the curls of wool, and do not fall out, like in other dog breeds, and do not pollute the carpets, clothes and other objects in the room. Therefore, it is necessary to comb a poodle at least 2-3 times a week using a comb with rare large teeth and a massage brush.

Combing out is carried out by alternating movements on the fur and against. Before combing it is advisable to carefully examine the surface of the body for the presence of insects (lice, fleas, ticks), wounds and scratches.

You can wash a poodle from 3 months of age, but not more than once every 2 months. Poodle loves to swim. This is usually done in a bath or shower. Before washing the wool is carefully combed. If the poodle was well combed before washing, then combing clean wool is not difficult. Before bathing a poodle with heavily felted wool, mats are combed or cut with a special cutter or scissors. Wash the dog with warm water (30-40 degrees) with soap or shampoo. Well soaked wool is poured with shampoo, starting from the back, then beat the foam. Wash the head very carefully. While bathing, the ears should be closed with cotton wool tampons, and after washing, wipe them with cotton wool or gauze. After washing, the body is rubbed dry with a towel, then allowed to shake up the dog and then proceed to drying.

Dry and comb a poodle after bathing at the same time. To dry a poodle with a hairdryer. This procedure is done as follows. Under a strand of wool stretched with a brush, a stream of warm air is directed. Wool well ottyagivayut (straightened), to get a good haircut.

They start drying the poodle from the head and ears, then dry the back, sides and tail, and last of all dry the hair on the paws. About half an hour after drying, the poodle should be warm, as there is still enough moisture in its long hair. Therefore, it is best to practice bathing in the evening after a short walk, so that the dog has time to dry properly until morning. And another rule: whenever you do this procedure, the poodle's hair after bathing must be carefully dried and combed.

It is necessary to train a poodle to a comb from puppyhood. Starting from 2-3 months, the poodle should be cut regularly at least 1 time in 2-3 months with an electric or mechanical clipper and scissors. For very special occasions, it is best to cut a poodle at a specialist hairdresser.

But in the intervals between visits to a dog hairdresser, one must be able to keep the poodle's hair in order. Before grooming, the dog should be washed as described above. Once a month you need to cut your own face and paws. It is best to use for this manual clippers.

When preparing a poodle for an exhibition, it should be trimmed in accordance with the standard. Mixing parts of different hairstyles is not allowed, this hairstyle is considered non-standard. At the show ring, the lion hairstyle looks good, but dog owners more often prefer the more natural hairstyle, in which wool is left everywhere the same length, following the silhouette of the dog. This haircut is easy to do yourself with the help of ordinary hairdresser scissors. The necessary silhouette of this haircut should be maintained every 1.5 months.

For a standard hairstyle of a poodle, it is better to invite a specialist, but if desired, and with a certain skill, this can be done by the owner himself. We will tell you how to perform some types of haircuts, allowed by the international standard.

"Modern" - the most popular haircut poodle.

Begin to cut from the head. The hair is cut in the shape of a crown so that the eyes are visible. When viewed from the side, a straight line should be formed with the neck. On the face, the hair is cut to the inner corners of the eyes, under the eyes, then the lower jaw and neck are clipped. At exhibitions for the "modern" hairstyle, two variants of the design of the muzzle are allowed: fully trimmed with a typewriter or with a small mustache on the upper lip and a beard.

The chest is cut from the groin to the elbows, with a smooth transition from the waist to the front of the chest. On the back, rump and abdomen, hair is clipped shortly, but not shorter than 1 cm. In bitches, hair on the stomach is clipped to the second pair of nipples, in males - not reaching 2 cm to the prepuce. On the limbs, the hair is trimmed in the shape of "pants", and the paws are cut off around the toes. The tail at the base is trimmed with a rounded stripe of 1-1.5 cm, and the tail itself is shaped into a ball.

Classic haircut poodle "lion" - head trimmed in the shape of a crown with a direct transition to the neck. Eyes should be visible. On the upper jaw, the fur is removed completely from the line between the eyes to the nose, on the lower jaw - from the neck to the end of the muzzle. On the lips, you can leave a mustache. On the ears, the coat is slightly trimmed. On the chest, head, neck, body until the last rib hair is left long. The croup, thighs, most of the legs, lower back, tips of the paws are completely cut (short). On the hock and carpal joints, pompons of long hair are formed to the very fingers. At the base of the tail, a narrow strip 1–1.5 cm wide is cut, and the end of the tail is shaped like a ball or cylinder.

In the “English Lion” hairstyle, the long hair of the mane is separated from the shortened and leveled hair on the rump with a narrow belt of very short (about 1 cm) wool that goes around the waist. They cut it off with scissors or a typewriter.

The “English saddle” differs from the “English Lion” hairstyle in that the sides of the waist are cut off with a semi-circle machine, and a sparse strip of wool 2.5-4 cm long that goes to the joint with the same length left on the spine croup and hind legs. The hair on the hind legs is leveled so that rather narrow “pants” are obtained, and two parallel strips 1-2 cm wide are cropped on the knee joint and just above the hock.

Wool pom-pom on the front legs and lower, the cuffs on the rear need to trim and round the bottom edge so that the toes of the paws are visible.

"Continental" is cut as well as the "English Lion", leaving the cuffs below the hock and two scissors-aligned pom-pom on the macloch. On the rump leave a strip of wool with a height of about 2.5-4 cm.

For puppies use two options hairstyle "puppy". In the first months, only a muzzle and fingers are cut - "puppy-1". The hair over the whole body is left in full length, and its tips are slightly aligned with scissors, so that the contour of the hairstyle follows the lines of the silhouette of the dog. By 8-10 months, when the wool is replaced, you can make puppy hair "puppy-2". The head is cut off, as indicated above, the rest of the hair is shortened throughout the body to 3-5 cm without highlighting the waist. A pompon is left on the tail.

There are many other options for cutting a poodle. Fantasy lovers are very rich, especially if the dog does not need to exhibit at the exhibition. It must be borne in mind that the poodle does not like to be clipped and, seeing the preparation for this procedure, tries to hide or run away. Care



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