Dog Food Chappi (Chappi) - a popular food economy class

Chappi is an economy class dog food that is produced by the American food company Mars, which also has manufacturing facilities in Russia. So dog food is produced at the factory in Luzhniki.

This is one of the cheapest dry dog ​​food, which accounts for its popularity among dog breeders. Also, many are attracted by its availability, since this food is sold not only in specialized pet stores, but also in supermarkets. Food is packaged in different packaging options: 600 grams, 2.5 kg, 8.5 kg and 15 kg.

Features of Chappy's dog food

The main feature of the composition of this feed in the content of dry brewer's yeast, which contribute to a significant strengthening of the dog's immunity. Also in the feed Chappi (Chappi) to ensure a complete diet of the dog contains all the necessary for its body trace elements and vitamins.

Thanks to special additives, the feed improves the appearance of the dog, making the coat shiny, and the skin healthy, improve metabolism. The main structure includes meat processing products and by-products, so necessary for the growth and development of a healthy dog. Cereals, as a source of fiber, help to improve digestion. They are rich in carbohydrates, which are the main energy for the body. And animal and vegetable oils give the feed a special taste appeal.

Also in Chappi there are vegetables and seasonings (carrots and alfalfa) - inexhaustible sources of vitamins, microelements and fiber, which stimulate the processes of digestion and allow the animal to maintain excellent physical shape. The peculiarity of the Chappi feed is its nutritional value (305 Kcal per 100 grams), which provides the dog with additional energy for active games.

Types of Chappy's Dog Food

There are four main rations of Chappi feed, designed for adult dogs of medium and large breeds. The most nutritious can be called Chappy's dog food called "Meat Abundance". In its composition are raw: protein, fiber and fat, as well as ash, calcium and phosphorus, minerals and vitamins necessary for the dog's body: A, D, E, B2, B12.

This is ensured by the inclusion of selected grains of cereals, meat by-products and meat, vegetable proteins, vegetable and animal fats in the feed. Dry food "Beef" is additionally enriched with pantothenic and nicotinic acids. There is also a balanced feed "Meat Plate" and "Chicken Appetizing", designed for all breeds of dogs.

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