Russian dog food Stout - a decent alternative to imports

Stout dog food is produced by CJSC Gatchina Feed Mill - the leader in the production of feed for farm animals in Russia.

The company has developed more than 1,200 recipes of various feeds, including nine rations of dry food Stout for dogs of superpremium class.

The main ingredients of this feed are chicken and beef, as well as their processed products, rice, egg powder, corn, vegetable oil, sugar beet pulp, vitamins and minerals necessary for the body. All products used in the production of feed - natural. It does not contain GMOs, hazardous ingredients and artificial colors.

Types of food Stout

Two separate rations are intended for puppies of large or medium and small breeds. The constant growth of the body due to this diet ensures the optimal level of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. These feeds have a high energy value, so necessary for puppies during intensive growth. The development of muscle tissue provides the proper amount of protein, and the nervous system will develop properly due to the optimal content of vitamins of group B. (For puppy food, read more in the article: Puppy food)

Especially for adult dogs of large breeds, glucosamine is included in the feed, which is so necessary for the health of the giants' joints. All food for adult dogs of any breed is combined with 15% fat content, which provides the necessary level of energy value of the food, as well as protects against obesity and allows you to maintain the desired body weight for the animal. Proper motility of the gastrointestinal tract provides the correct choice of the source of fiber.

For adult dogs of medium and small breeds, the required amount of vitamins of group B and linoleic acid are included in the feed, which take care of the skin and coat, ensuring their health.

For dogs of advanced age, a low phosphorus content is provided, which positively affects the viability of the kidneys. A high level of biotin, zinc and fatty acids promotes skin regeneration and allows you to maintain a beautiful coat.

Hypoallergenic dog food with vitamin B is well absorbed by dogs prone to food allergies. For the prevention of obesity, Stout offers food with L-carnitine, which accelerates the reduction of excess weight in animals and reduces the load on the liver. The reproduction of the "necessary" species of bacteria is promoted by prebiotics, which cause changes in the digestive microflora.

Dog Food Stout, reviews

Our readers periodically share with us their experience in the use of certain feeds. Here is what they write about this feed:

Feedback on dog food Stout №1

We switched to Stout after almost 2 years of using Akana feed. I can’t say anything bad about this feed. Honestly in Stout attracted a cheaper price. I must say that my Black (Labrador) eats him with the same pleasure as the more expensive Akana. Yes, and some negative points in the digestion, appearance and behavior of the dog was not observed. So the Stout food suits us perfectly.

Igor, Moscow

Review number 2

I will write shortly. The dog (German shepherd) after it started having problems with the gastrointestinal tract. I had to immediately refuse.

Vladislav, Yekaterinburg



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