About some breeds of dogs

To date, there are more than four hundred types of dogs. Each dog has its own characteristics that distinguish it from other breeds.

It is impossible to talk about each animal, so we chose the most common breed, which will be discussed in this article.

Many of you are familiar with the Cocker Spaniel. The first species of these animals appeared at the end of the 14th century in Spain. Later - in the middle of the 17th century, they received their distribution in the countries of Western Europe as a friend dog. This is a great dog dog, which can easily get prey, even from the water, and be sure to bring it to the owner. In modern society, the English Cocker Spaniel is more common as an ornamental dog. If you decide to get a spaniel, then remember that it will require a lot of attention and affection from you. In response to love, he will repay the same coin. After all, spaniels are very devoted to their owner and family.

The pet of Yorkshire terrier was bred about a hundred years ago by workers from England. Initially, the dogs had larger sizes. As a result of numerous crossings of the smallest animals of this breed, the Yorkshire terriers got a different look. As such, we know them now. Yorks, as they are called, have a cheerful character. Despite their tiny size, they are not afraid of larger relatives. This is a great caretaker and a very affectionate family member who will become a true friend for you. Yorkshire terrier is ideal for keeping in a city apartment. That is why the sale of Yorkshire terriers in Moscow is in great demand.

Caucasian Shepherd is an ideal dog for keeping in the yard of a private house. It can be described as a self-confident, balanced, calm animal. Dogs of this breed are distrustful to strangers, they are incredibly bold. Sheepdogs do not require careful care and special conditions of detention. Only once a week they need to be combed with a special comb.

In 1819, during the reign of Queen Victoria, the miners developed the Whippet dog breed. This breed was obtained as a result of crossing terriers with greyhounds. The goal of breeding dogs was sports baiting the beast. After this sport was banned, the Whippets began to take part in "rag races". This is a good and affectionate, and most importantly loyal dogs. Despite their fragile appearance, they are extremely strong and durable.



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