Biomill (Biomill) - wellness food from a Swiss manufacturer

Dog Food BioMill (Biomil) super premium class is not just natural, but a health food for pets. Its main advantage is that it does not cause allergies.

Therefore, they are fed dogs that are prone to problems with digestion, skin and coat. Also in the production of food does not use chemical additives, antibiotic residues, dyes, flavors and flavoring additives, addictive. And when growing products for feed Biomil not used herbicides and pesticides. Therefore, they are safe for the dog's body. BioMill is classified as a hypoallergenic dog food.

The composition of dog food Biomill (Biomil)

High palatability of the feed is achieved not by artificial additives, but by a high content of meat ingredients - from 40% to 70%. To replenish the body of dogs with protein in the diet Biomil used meat of turkey, chicken, chicken, duck, lamb, Norwegian salmon. This meat is so high quality that it is suitable for human consumption. About the necessary ingredients for high-quality dog ​​food, read the article: The composition of dog food

The cereals that make up the Biomil feed do not contain genetically modified organisms, as they are grown in Switzerland, the only country where genetically modified supplements are prohibited.

Vioherma is added to food - it is a derivative of cold-pressed wheat oil, which contains many nutrients: vitamin E, fatty acids, oligosaccharides, which improve digestion.

The food amino acid taurine contained in the diet fights heart diseases and reproductive problems. The line Biomil contains food specifically designed for dogs of different ages and breeds, as well as degrees of physical activity and weight categories. Biomill dog food is perfectly digested and therefore dogs do not lose weight from it. But it does not contain an excess of calories, from which your pet can become fat.



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