Caesar (Cesar) - Austrian food for small dogs

Under the brand Cesar (Caesar) is made dog food, designed personally for feeding dogs of small breeds. This is a product of super premium class from a well-known manufacturer of various food for animals, the company Mars (USA), which has been producing feed since 1935.

Caesar's wet dog food is mouth-watering slices of meat in a sauce. It is already ready to eat and can be used both as a separate menu and as an additive to dry food for its attractiveness and softening of the granules. As well as canned food Caesar are an excellent addition to cereals.

Cesar food contains natural meats, various vegetables, aromatic herbs and useful vitamins. Since it is intended only for dogs of small breeds, its packing in portion trays involves one meal (100 grams) for the smallest dog weighing up to 3 kg. Further calculation of servings and the daily norm of nutrition is carried out in accordance with the weight of the dog and the recommendations indicated on the feed packaging.

Small portions of food also allow you to make a very rich and varied menu. For example, Mars offers gourmands of small breeds such as: chicken baked with dried apricots, beef stroganoff with beef with cheese and dill, lamb fricassee with vegetables and rosemary, chicken fillet with pumpkin and spinach, tender beef steak with vegetables.

Benefits of Caesar Dog Food

The advantages of canned food Caesar can be called its nutritional value and high caloric content, which is especially important for small dogs, which are characterized by increased activity.

Canned food for dogs Cesar focused on the features of precisely small breeds of dogs and because they are designed according to a special formula that takes into account all the physical characteristics and needs of such breeds.

The basis of nutrition is natural meat (at least 27%): chicken, lamb, veal, beef. All rations include vegetable oil. Also, the various menus include certain vegetables, rich in important vitamins and substances, and aromatic and healthy herbs.

Developed and special food for adult dogs over 10 years. Its feature is in a very easily digestible diet, which is suitable for dogs with reduced activity. This menu, supplemented with vitamins, supports the immune system of an elderly dog.



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