Clothing for the Yorkshire Terrier, York

Yorkshire terrier belongs to the breeds of dogs that are suitable for allergies. Its wool structure is similar to human hair, and the undercoat is missing. But without a winter undercoat, the dog is cold.

And in the fall and spring, when the wool can get wet and the dog catch a cold, clothes for Yorkshire terriers are also necessary.

And since the York hair is their special pride, clothing protects wool from dirt. And the dog does not need to wash after each walk and comb out the mats. Also clothes for Yorkshire terriers are required in the postoperative period to protect the pet from street dust.

And, to be honest, a brightly dressed dog attracts the attention of others, and some owners turn into a real hobby for a selection of clothes. The Yorkshire Terrier is an incredibly active breed with a dynamic character, it endlessly moves, jumps and runs. And clothes for yorkies should be comfortable for their active lifestyle and not hamper movements.

Best suited for walking in the cold season suitable overalls with a warm lining. But in the hot summer, the Yorkies are advised to walk outside in a light-colored silk jumpsuit to protect the dog from heat stroke.

The most famous firms that produce clothing for Yorkshire terriers

There are many brands that produce dog clothes. For example: "Dobaz", "Is Pet", "Limargi", ForMyDogs, and others. And in the pet store you will be offered not only practical overalls, but also dresses, jackets, coats and even fancy dresses for dogs.

Although some dog breeders prefer to personally sew clothes for a pet (For more information, see the article: Doing clothes for dogs with your own hands and Knitted clothes for small dogs). In this case, it should be borne in mind that, ideally, the lining of a warm jumpsuit should be made of silk or satin. If the lining is made of cheap lining fabric, the dog's hair will be electrified, and if it is made of a rough fabric (fleece, etc.), ticks may appear.

How to choose clothes for yorks?

Before you buy clothes for your pet, you need to take the right measure of it in order to choose the right size. To do this, put the dog on a wide cabinet or table, and measure a centimeter the length of the back, chest and neck girth. You also need to know the weight. If you already have old clothes, you can measure it or take it with you to the store.

In addition to clothing in winter for York is relevant and shoes. It protects the paws of the dog from glasses, sharp ice, mud and salt. To choose the right shoes, you can simply dip the pet's foot in watercolor paint and leave its imprint on paper. As a rule, Yorkers like to dress, they like to look at themselves in the mirror and flirt. And the owner’s desire to put a new dress on a dog is perceived by her as a manifestation of care. And the dog will respond to this care with affection and love.



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