What to feed a large breed dog?

I purchased a St. Bernard puppy, and I would like to know how best to feed him. I was told that for its growth it is necessary to add calcium to the diet. And what do experts think about this? What is better to feed the dog?

The usual diet of dog meat + rice + green vegetables is really not rich in calcium, and therefore it is necessary to diversify it with various mineral and vitamin supplements. For example, bone meal rich in calcium and phosphorus. The veterinarian will certainly tell you exactly which supplements to choose for feeding your dog.

If you have a large breed dog, the main rule is: do not overfeed! Excessive weight can lead to impaired skeletal development, in particular, to an overgrowth of non-ossifying cartilage (osteochondrosis). Unnatural size of the cartilage makes it fragile, which often leads to the formation of cracks (osteochondritis), causing severe pain in the joints and lameness.

What can not feed a dog?

In addition, the rapid development of a puppy means only an increase in weight, and not at all in growth. It has now been proven that overeating dogs during their growth increases the likelihood of hip dysplasia. And on the contrary, the lag in the mass can then be easily and without any consequences for health. Therefore, we repeat once again: do not overfeed puppies of large breeds.

Recent experiments in which several Labradors and German teen-age dogs were fed on the principle of self-service confirmed the truth about the dangers of overeating only once. True, small-sized dogs all these warnings relate to a lesser extent: they are much less vulnerable in this regard.

Puppies need to be fed at strictly certain hours (after the end of the suction period four times, then three, and then, finally, go on two meals). With thoughtful feeding, a healthy dog ​​always eats with relish and leaves the bowl clean. Recall that the use of specialized feed saves you from having to think about mineral supplements. Experts believe that dry dog ​​food, in which there is 1.1% calcium (with an energy value of 3500 kcal / kg) fully satisfies the needs of dogs, including large breed puppies.



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