Features clothing for pugs

A pug is a small short-haired dog, which is often called a "couch" breed. This is a gentle and warm pet, which often needs additional heating. Because in the cold season, a pug can not do without clothes.

In winter, a pug needs a warm jumpsuit lined with lightweight materials: fleece or synthetic winterizer. Such clothes will not only protect the dog from hypothermia and protect against colds, but also allow the animal to enjoy the walk much longer in the cold season. And for pugs who are prone to overeating and obesity, it is very important to move a lot in the fresh air.

Overalls for dogs in winter can be replaced with a coat or jacket with pants, although not every dog ​​likes to wear pants. Dog shoes are no less relevant in the winter, because under the snow there may be a lot of dangers for it: broken glass, chemicals, fragments of ice.

In the spring and autumn, the pug needs a lighter, but waterproof suit or romper so that its wool does not get wet and dirty. Not only street frosts, dampness and wind, but also home drafts can be dangerous for a pug. Therefore, if your pet spends a lot of time on the floor, he cannot do without home clothes: T-shirts or a sweater.

At the same time, pugs are very difficult to tolerate overheating and, on the one hand, it should be ensured that he was not dressed too warmly, but on the other hand, he needs protective clothing for the summer heat. In the summer it is better to put on a dog a T-shirt and a cap sewn from light natural materials: flax or cotton.

But many owners of pugs care not only about protecting the dog from the aggressive environment, but also about their presentable appearance. Therefore, the dog fashion industry is not far behind the human fashion, inventing new clothes and outfits for dogs.

What is important to consider when choosing clothes for a pug

There are certain requirements for clothes for pugs, for its cut and size. Pugs are squat dogs with well developed neck and chest muscles, a large head and a bones. Choosing clothes, you must take into account these features of the structure of the dog. Therefore, a pug should choose such clothes that will not squeeze the chest and neck of the dog, and the hood or cap should take into account the size of the head and be spacious enough.

In addition, pugs do not like the heat and because their wardrobe should not be too warm and tight. They can get a heat stroke, being in a bogony overalls in a closed car or stuffy room.

By and large, clothes for pugs should be sewn specifically for dogs of this breed. Therefore, before buying a wardrobe, you need to consult a qualified seller, knowledge of the measurements and the size of your pet, and fitting is desirable.

Photos of pugs in clothes




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