EKSI - Russian canned food and dog food at a bargain price

The manufacturer of wet dog food, EKSI, is a Russian feed company that has been developing technologies and producing canned pet food for over ten years. Today it is a unique company of the Russian pet industry, owning its own recipes and production on the basis of CJSC Mikoyanovsky Meat Processing Plant. This allows you to carefully control technological processes and improve the recipes.

The brand represents two lines of dog food: EKSI-1 - premium quality fortified supplementary food and EKSI-2 - complete feed.
Common to both lines is the form of food in the form of meat and vegetable mince with pieces of meat.

The Eksi dog food includes meat (beef), a range of by-products, vegetable proteins, vegetable oils (corn, sunflower), fiber and vitamin-mineral supplements, cereals. This menu allows you to provide the dog with the necessary amount of amino acids and vitamins.

An additional vitamin premix supplement provides the dog with excellent immunity and health. Enrichment of canned foods with micro and macro elements (phosphorus, calcium, iron, zinc, copper, selenium, manganese, iodine) normalizes the formation of bone and teeth, increases the oxygen content in muscles and blood, strengthens the body's resistance to stress, prevents digestive organs, heart and vessels, thyroid, etc.

Unsaturated fatty acids contained in vegetable oils are necessary for the normal metabolism of fats and kidney function. The composition includes carrots necessary for the synthesis of vitamins in the large intestine.

The products of the EKSI-1 line are primarily recommended for the nutrition of aging pets, as well as puppies and dogs with limited movement (patients, etc.). These products provide for maximum nutrients with a reduced number of calories.

Canned food for dogs of the EKSI-2 line is a complete diet for daily feeding of adult dogs, including working, service, hunting, as well as pregnant and lactating dogs. This is a premium product, the manufacture of which does not use preservatives and dyes.

Canned food for dogs EKSI perfectly complement the natural feeding of dog cereals: rice and buckwheat, as well as vegetables. Thanks to the hypoallergenic ingredients (beef, poultry, rice, vegetable oil, carrots), this food is a good prevention of diseases of the digestive system and is suitable for the most capricious animals.



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