Advance (Dry Food) Dry Dog Food - Spanish Super Premium Class Product

Dog food Advance (Advance) is produced in Spain. This is a super premium class dog food containing all the ingredients you need to maintain a decent standard of living for your pet.

Rations are based on modern research not only in the field of veterinary medicine, but also in general biochemistry, biology, as well as on the basis of the physiology of domestic dogs and their special needs. They are designed to strengthen the natural protective functions of the body and the beneficial effect on the work of not only the immune, but also the digestive and cardiovascular systems.

The line of this food is quite large and covers dogs of various sizes, breeds, lifestyles and health. The main components of feed Advance are chicken and rice. It is an excellent source of highly digestible proteins and carbohydrates, rarely causing allergies.

In addition, the composition of the dog food includes apple fibers and natural immunoglobulin proteins that heal the digestive system. With aging cells, bioflavonoids help to fight - these are natural antioxidants that also improve the functioning of the whole body and allow the dog to be active for many years until old age. .

The effectiveness of the immune system also increases a number of amino acids. So, taurine stimulates the work of the heart muscle and maintains visual acuity, while biotin improves the state of hair, skin and bones, and also regulates the blood glucose level.

To ensure the health of the muscular system, the Advance whole protein system has been developed, which provides an optimal level of proteins. Thanks to a balanced combination of minerals, feeding on dry food prevents diseases of the urinary tract and kidneys.

About the ligaments and joints of the dog in the feed Advance cares for chondrotin, which improves the regeneration of cartilage tissue. Pyrophosphates are introduced in some rations of feed - these are natural minerals that successfully fight tartar. They prevent the growth of a new stone on tooth enamel, and the one that has already appeared makes it smoother and more pliable for dental treatment.

In this menu, the question of the croquet form itself is originally solved. Compared to others, they are larger. This causes the dog to chew harder, that is, to brush teeth more actively.

Allergy-free dog diets include omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. Therefore, it can be attributed to hypoallergenic dog food. Special rations are also provided for dogs that are in a certain physiological state: when carrying or feeding puppies, recovering from surgeries or serious illnesses.

There are no dyes and preservatives in the dry food, only natural-origin products are used in its manufacture.

Advance Dog Food Reviews

We asked readers of our portal to share their opinions about the diets of this brand. Here is what they write about this:

Review №1

My Maksik (Labrador) since three months with an appetite uses Advance sensitiv salmon and rice. They are only forced to give hondoprotectors in addition and recalculate them for a puppy according to the main parameters. Max chicken did not go, but almost all manufacturers, it is present in the composition.

Irina, Novosibirsk

Review number 2

Food Advance never differed excellent quality, in my opinion. In general, I recommend to watch the dog. If the feces are not smelly and there is no gas formation, then you can try. Perhaps it will be your pet, what the doctor ordered.

Igor, Nizhny Novgorod

If you, dear readers, have used this food in your practice, do not be lazy to share your impression. Thereby you will help to make a correct choice to other dog breeders.



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