Chihuahua Clothing

Chihuahua is the tiniest breed of dog. As an indoor breed, it does not need to be walked two or three times a day for toilet purposes.

However, like any living creature, it needs fresh air, and therefore, walks, including during the cold season. And to preserve the health of a small pet, it must be worn.

First of all, a chihuahua needs warm winter clothes: a warm jumpsuit on a fleece, padding polyester, or plush, which will keep the body warm. A girl is better to choose models that completely cover her tummy. Boots also do not interfere, because in the conditions of the city the paws of small dogs lurks many dangers: sharp ice, broken glass, salt mixture, engine oil, etc.

Types of clothes for chihuahua

Dog overalls are the most practical clothes, although the modern fashion industry for animals offers many other models: jackets, sweatshirts, pants, sweaters, down jackets, coats, and even fur coats.

For walks on rainy autumn or spring days, it is better to choose a raincoat for a chihuahua. It will protect the dog from the wind, keep its coat dry, and the baby’s body will not be tested.

In addition, a small dog, falling into the dirt, is smeared all over and it has to be completely bathed, which is not always convenient and timely. For a walk in the park or in the woods is best suited tracksuit. It will protect the tiny dog ​​from various blood-sucking insects, as well as protect its fur from needles of conifers, foliage and other debris.

Many chiahuahuas are afraid to ride in transport, and when they get such a test, a so-called "stress molt" occurs in the dog. In such a situation, a dog's tracksuit will protect people's clothes, and the car's interior from wool.

And not all apartments are well heated in winter, and the dog is on the floor in the coolest place where there can be drafts, so the Chihuahua owners often dress their pet in home clothes: a comfortable elastic suit.

Small dogs are very moody and surprisingly stubborn. And they do not like to wear pants. To make a pet feel comfortable, but not cold, you can only wear it in front of the body, in a sweater or jacket, which will not interfere during games.

Chihuahua clothes do it yourself

If you like needlework, then it will not be difficult for you to sew clothes for a chihuahua with your own hands. You will not only be able to save a lot, but also release your ideas and interesting solutions, which are often deprived of standard dog clothes sold in stores.

Pattern clothes for chihuahua dogs

On this pattern you can sew

That's such a fun jumpsuit.

This pattern is very simple and very successful.

That's what it turns out to sew.

And this is a pattern of shorts for a dog. They can easily sew in a couple of hours.

Where to buy clothes for chihuahuas?

Chiahuahua is called a glamor breed and women of fashion often prefer such dogs. Therefore, dog fashion designers create many models of not only practical, but also beautiful clothes for chiahuahua, in which dogs will harmonize with their mistresses. Dresses, t-shirts, skirts, socks, as well as fashionable fur coats, carnival and wedding dresses, hats and bandanas, any shoes in a particularly wide assortment can be found and bought on the pages of online stores.

But before you buy clothes for a chihuahua, you need to know its size.(For more on this, see the article Clothes Size for Dogs) This will help either fitting or measuring the basic parameters of a dog: neck girth, back length (from the beginning of the neck to the tail) and chest girth (behind the front legs).

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