What is important to know before buying a Labrador puppy?

Labrador is a very popular breed due to its peaceful nature and loyal attitude to man. He is an excellent companion for the most ordinary person - sociable, moderately cheerful, not too athletic.

This dog is not capricious in food, does not need long walks and special care for wool, plays with children with pleasure.

How to choose a Labrador?

First you need to decide on the purpose of your Labrador: a pet or a show sample show. Your choice must be reported to the breeder. He will help with choosing the right puppy. If the breeder does not make an impression of a professional, then it is better to ask for help from the cynologist of the club who activated this litter.

The puppy should be well-groomed and look plump, but without a swollen belly. On the skin of the abdomen should not be any rash, and the navel is well healed. There should be no discharge from the eyes and nose. As well as should be clean and ears with the inner surface of a pink color.

The head of the puppy should be wide, the tail - straight and thick, similar to the tail of an otter. The tail should be kept straight, not leaning on his back. The coat of even a small puppy is thick with a dense undercoat.

The expression of the eyes is also important. It should be warm and friendly. Watch how the puppy moves and reacts to strangers. He should neither hide nor bark, but show friendly curiosity. Character for a Labrador is very important.

If you choose a bitch, pay attention to her mother, whose constitution and character are passed on to offspring. She should be no more than 8 years old, and the penultimate mating of a dog should have been no less than a year ago.

Where to buy a Labrador puppy?

If you want a real Labrador, then you should not be asked where to buy a Labrador puppy cheaply.. And it does not matter whether you plan to participate in exhibitions or have a family member. Choosing the right dog will save you a lot of nerves, effort and money for the vet. A cheap puppy means that you have spent quite a bit of money on it, which means that you are not insured against extra expenses.

Many begin to search for a puppy from the "bird market". Of course, there you can meet a real breeder, but this is very rare. More often there are dealers who trade there, no matter what tomorrow will be with your puppy. They will not say anything about their parents, they will not show their photos, they will not provide you with the pedigree of a dog, or it may just be a high-quality fake.

Therefore, buying a puppy is only in special nurseries and clubs that specialize in labrador retrievers. At the same time, it is necessary to have a puppy card, vet passport and stigma in the groin or on the ear. A brand is a clear tattoo, not an illegible inscription with a marker.



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