Content Content of the Yorkshire Terrier

A puppy of a Yorkshire terrier, only brought into the house, can whine from fear and longing. In the daytime, you can take him in your arms to calm him down, but at night you will have to be patient. Otherwise, the dog will become your master and, in spite of its size, will lead everyone.

In any case, the stay of the puppy on the bed, even during the day is undesirable. A fall even from such a height is very dangerous for him. His sleeping basket should not be very big, but cozy and warm. Never take him from his place by force, lure him away and call him to come to you himself.

And from the first days to teach his team "place", gently sending him to sleep in a basket. After a few days of adaptation in the new house of a puppy, you can begin to teach to walk on a leash. Many owners of small dogs mistakenly believe that only dogs of aggressive guard breeds need strict training.

In fact, any dog, growing up in the house, in the family hierarchy tries to determine its place, trying to take a step higher. And dwarf breeds show it by trying to arouse the pity of the owners in the form of numerous whims. And indulging such a pet spoils his character, and may lead to tragic consequences.

Often, Yorkies are chosen because they are easy to get used to the home toilet, which means you do not need to wake up either at dawn or light, or in inclement weather, drag yourself for a walk with your dog. However, the dog must take fresh air for its physical and mental health. The dog should walk on its own, and not in the hands of the owner.

Despite the seeming fragility, the Yorkshire terriers are very hardy. Do not think that a puppy, hitting the family and identifying you as the owner, will also always concern you. As he grows up, the puppy revaluates values, and he will try to take a higher level in the family hierarchy. Therefore, you need to constantly "keep abreast of the pulse" and not indulge in dog whims.

To teach York to clean the puppy, you can first send a thick oilcloth to the floor, and cover it with several layers of newspapers or a diaper on top. Contaminated newspapers need to be cleaned on time, changing to fresh ones. But the middle layer of newspapers should be left to the puppy by the orientation of where he left his "footprints". As soon as the puppy starts spinning and fussing around, take it to the newspapers, gently repeating: "Walk, walk well."

For good luck reward something delicious. Do not scold for failure! He poke his nose in the stool. This will only cause fear and distrust.

Important rules of hygiene when maintaining York

As often as possible, wash the cover on the litter of your puppy. Before all vaccinations, the baby cannot be walked on the street with other dogs, and at home you should carefully hide street shoes and wash the floors. Claws should be cut regularly, but not more than 1 mm with special forceps.

At the ends of the paws between the fingers, it is imperative to cut the wool so that it does not fall down. It is also necessary to shortly cut the hair on the inner thighs, abdomen, around the anus. Yorkers also need regular haircuts around the eyes and ears, as well as the overall length of the coat. If you do not plan to constantly participate in exhibitions, it is better to cut York in short, it will allow less to form koltunami. Now, for example, in a fashion haircut "under the puppy."

It is recommended to wash Yorkshire terriers two to three times a month. At the same time avoid shampoo in the eyes and water in the ears. It is better to close the passages in the ears with small cotton swabs. You need a special shampoo, which should be very carefully washed off with water, a temperature of about 35 degrees.

These simple rules on the maintenance of the Yorkshire terrier will allow your pet to be in great shape and to please their owners for many years. If you have any doubts about the content of York, do not use the advice of friends and dog breeders unfamiliar with this breed, better contact your breeder.



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