What you need to know about the content of the German Shepherd?

You have acquired a German Shepherd puppy, and now a lot of different questions arise daily. The first question is where it is better to equip its rightful place.

The German Shepherd is unpretentious and can live both in the house and on the street, in the aviary (-10 degrees to the air temperature). In the house she should take a place away from both the draft and the radiators. A well-cleaned, dense mat is placed on the floor.

In order for the puppy to worry less at night and get used to you more quickly, you can put your old thing in its place of rest.

Walking is desirable to carry out at the same time. Puppy is better to take for a walk immediately after eating. But only after all the vaccinations are delivered to him.

An adult dog is better to walk before eating: breakfast and dinner. She needs a one-hour walk to a distance of a couple of kilometers, preferably away from roads and people, so that you can detach the leash. The sports dog needs more active training on the simulators and the obstacle course.

The German Shepherd is one of the smartest and most easily trained dog breeds. Because a puppy from the first day you can teach the teams. First, to accustom him to his nickname, rewarding delicacy for the correct reaction. The next puppy should master the team "Ko me", which is better to give after attracting the attention of the nickname.

Treats for properly executed team can be pieces of meat, bread, cheese, cracker. You can not even give candy, chocolate, sugar cubes.

Important rules for keeping German shepherds

The first walk should last no more than 5 minutes. From the age of three months, their duration should increase to half an hour. It is better to take a toy for a walk, gradually studying the Aport team. It is not necessary to play a puppy with large dogs, as well as run after birds, cats, etc. Otherwise he will get into the habit of running after other animals.

It is necessary to punish a puppy not after a while, but at the moment of committing the offense or immediately after it. Otherwise, the dog will not understand what it is being punished for and will simply be afraid.

You can not let the dog feed the dog with delicacies, even the friends of the owners, and even more so strangers.

In order for a dog to develop a clear hierarchy: the owner - the family members - the dog, it is necessary that all family members should be trained as far as possible. Otherwise, it will only obey the one who trains it.

It is worth washing a German shepherd dog only with significant pollution and preferably not more than once in two months. Wash with warm water with shampoo for dogs, in extreme cases - baby shampoo. After washing, the dog must be wiped out and secured without a draft. It is better to wash it after the evening walk, especially in the winter, so that by the morning its wool can dry out.

In dirty weather, the paws and belly of a shepherd dog simply wipe with a damp cloth.

A dog must have two bowls. One always with fresh water, and the second for food. Food should not stand constantly. If, within 15 minutes after feeding, the dog has not eaten or eaten everything, the food is removed exactly until the next feeding.

So that the dog doesn’t growl when family members take its bowl, you should regularly pick up the bowl from the puppy, giving the command “Sit!”, And then return the bowl. You can stick your hand in a bowl, ensuring that this gesture does not cause a growl. To achieve obedience, you need to spend a lot of time, especially given the irrepressible appetite of small predators.

The German Shepherd has one feature. When they get used to a clear feeding time, they begin to demand food 10-15 minutes before the hour comes. In order not to develop this not always convenient habit, it is better not to adhere to a clear feeding time for the puppy, varying it, plus or minus half an hour.

1-2 month old puppy is fed 5 times a day, three months - 4 times a day; from 4 months to six months - three times a day; from 7 months and older - twice a day.

Every year, an adult dog needs to be given all the necessary vaccinations, especially for rabies.

Using these simple rules of keeping a German shepherd you will ensure your pet a healthy and long life.



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