Rabies Vaccination for Dogs

Regular vaccination of dogs for rabies is a vital necessity for the safe existence of a dog and other pets.

Why is rabies vaccination so necessary?

Rabies in dogs is a deadly disease. You may not notice when a sick cat scratches your pet or another dog bites. And if you do not pay attention to this incident, then after a few days, symptoms of rabies may appear. The dog may become aggressive, it will not be able to drink because of a spasm in the throat. However, when these bright signs of rabies become noticeable, there is no longer a chance to save the animal. His nervous system is already irreversibly affected.

In addition, an infectious animal, even before the onset of bright symptoms, can already infect another dog or even a person with rabies. To do this, it is enough to lick the damaged skin. And rabies is deadly for humans and, at the slightest suspicion, requires urgent vaccination.

A dog can become infected with rabies from almost any mammal animal. First of all, other dogs, cats, and cattle pose a danger to a domestic dog. Not uncommon in the cities and the emergence of representatives of the wild world: hedgehog, fox, bat, raccoon dog. A bite or even saliva of an infected animal on the mucous membrane, in the eye, on any wound is enough. Only timely vaccination can save and protect the animal.

Variety of rabies vaccines

The first rabies vaccine was created by Louis Pasteur more than a hundred years ago. Since then, a wide variety of vaccines have been developed, based on different principles of action. So, people no longer make the notorious forty shots in the stomach, but cost only six shots in the arm.

For animals, inactivated and live vaccines based on vaccine strains of the virus, which are grown in hamster, dog or piglet kidney cells, are considered to be the best. In the Russian market now there are both domestic and foreign vaccines of this type.

They operate reliably and reliably. In addition, in Russia, Ukraine and many other civilized countries, vaccination of domestic animals against rabies is free. Therefore, dog owners, regardless of whether it is pedigree or not, definitely need to vaccinate their pet.

If the dog owner wants to protect his pet from other equally dangerous diseases, then he can choose a multivalent combination drug. It instills not only rabies, but also antigens of pathogens:

  • parvoviroza,
  • the plague
  • hepatitis A,
  • leptospirosis.

Such vaccinations are already paid, but they are not so expensive, so you should refuse to your pet safe.

When is the first rabies vaccination done?

A first rabies vaccine is given to a dog as early as three months old and always exclusively in a special vaccination center and a veterinary specialist. A week before vaccination, it is necessary to rid the animal of worms. The first vaccination becomes a reason for the dog to receive a health card or personal veterinary passport.

In this document, the doctor who vaccinates the dog every year will mark its date, the serial number and the name of the drug will put its signature. Vaccination should be repeated annually, without deviating from the first date. In no case should the dog be vaccinated before the expiration of the year of the previous vaccination. After vaccination, the first two weeks of the pet cannot be supercooling and overheating, overworking too much, as well as bathing or keeping in a draft.



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